The Nine Year Cycle

The Nine Year Cycle
2011. What kind of year has it been so far? Has it been an active year? A year of great change? Maybe it was a year of rejuvenation. What will the New Year hold? What kind of year can we expect?

Have you ever wondered why some years seem so challenging while others seem to go smoothly? Numerology may be able to provide some insight. Numerology shows how each year is well suited to certain activities and attitudes and is ill suited to others.

Numerology is the science of numbers practiced by the ancient philosopher mathematicians and teachers. It is a mathematical system based on the idea that everything has its own vibrational energy. And that numbers specifically have distinct vibrational characteristics.

One of the concepts discussed in Numerology is the nine year cycle. Within the nine year cycle, each year is designated with a number from one thru nine, and they follow in sequence. So a one year is followed by a two year and a two year is followed by a three year, etc. Once a cycle is complete, with the nine year, the next cycle begins again with a one year.

The nine year cycle affects us globally through the Universal Year and individually through the Personal Year. Each numbered year has its own distinct characteristics and qualities based upon the number’s vibrational energy.

The Universal Year is calculated by adding the digits of the calendar year. For example, the universal year number for 2008: 2+0+0+8=10. Then once again we add the digits together until we get a single digit number: 1+0=1. 2008 was a “1” year; a year of new beginnings, new innovations. This is reflected in America’s historic presidential election. Although the inauguration happened in a 2009, the new beginning was initiated in 2008, a ‘1’ year.

In a “2” year, cooperation and partnerships are highlighted. This is a year for strengthening existing partnerships and building ones. It is also a time when cooperation is called for and can be achieved even between the most unlikely allies.

2010 was a "3" year. In a “3” year your social life takes center stage. Fun and recreation are highlighted and entertainment plays a major role. This can be a very enjoyable year.

And this year, is a "4" year. A “4” year is more stable, meant for self-discipline and productivity. It’s a time to be organized, and for making progress on projects.

Now let’s look at your personal year. Your personal year is calculated by adding the digits of your birth month and day with the current year. For example, if your birthday is January 21. Your personal year for the calendar year 2010 would be 1+2+1+2+0+1+0 = 16 and 1+6 = 7. A “7” year focuses on spirituality, self-analysis, and reflection. This is the year for the spiritual awakening that you didn’t even know was coming.

In a “5” year you can expect many changes to take place and travel is likely. It’s a time for creativity & experiencing life.

Your life during a “6” personal year, will be focused on home and family. You may find yourself doing home improvements and focusing on self-improvement through education and better health.

In an “8” year you’ll find yourself dealing with business matters. Material matters come to the forefront and business success is possible.

In a “9”, it’s time to do ‘spring cleaning’ and let go of those things which no longer hold value or meaning for you. It’s a year for completions and tying up loose ends.

As you can see, each year is well suited to certain activities and attitudes and ill suited to others. By understanding how the nine year cycle affects us, we are better prepared and can adjust our plans so we can go with the flow and live in harmony with the cycles in our lives.

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