Growing Miniature Roses

Growing Miniature Roses
Miniature roses have many characteristics that make them a great choice if you’ve just starting rose gardening. Like larger roses, mini roses come in all colors and types so you can find a variety appealing to you. These roses require similar care to larger sized roses, but on a much smaller scale. If you don’t have time for a full sized rose, you might have time for a mini.

First decide where you want to put your miniature rose. They can be grown indoors, but will be easier to maintain if kept outside. Grown indoors they’re likely to suffer from aphid infestations and other issues due to a lack of natural predators. You can either plant your miniature rose into a flower bed or a pot. If this is your first rose a pot will be the easiest choice.

Pots are more forgiving than planting in the ground for a variety of reasons. If you plant your rose in a pot you can always change it’s location without having to dig it up. If you find your rose is getting too much sun or too much shade you can just move the pot. If your miniature rose is infested with aphids or black spot, treatments tend to be more effective when the plant is up off ground level with better air circulation and growing in the isolated contained soil a pot provides.

Your miniature rose should be grown in a container that is large enough to grow in for the first year at least. The larger the pot the better off your rose will be and the less it will need watered. Select a pot that is at least twelve inches wide, around fifteen inches will be a better size and should still be somewhat easy to move with help from a friend if needed.

Plant your miniature rose into good quality potting mix, which can be purchased at any garden supply store. Don’t use regular garden soil in a planting container, it will compact and won’t provide the proper drainage potted plants need. Once planted water your new miniature rose thoroughly and place it in an area that gets at least four hours of full sun a day. Your rose will benefit the most from morning sun with some afternoon shade. Depending on the temperature, and how much sun it’s receiving, your rose may need watered everyday. Be sure to check the soil in the pot daily to insure it doesn’t dry out.

Your miniature rose will need very little pruning. You only need to trim off the flowers once they’re done blooming. Cut the stem back to the next outward facing bud. This will ensure your rose continues to spread in a full, open and outward shape. This pruning practice helps to open up the plant, increasing air circulation, which helps to prevent disease.

Miniature roses are very versatile. You can incorporate them into any sunny section of your garden whether in pots or planted into the flowerbed. Why not give one a shot today? Who knows, like many other gardeners, you might catch the miniature rose addiction!

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