10 Ways to Change Brown Hair

10 Ways to Change Brown Hair
Brown hair can be beautiful. Your hair color may fit your complexion and personality perfectly but still, you may be looking for a change. The following ten ways to change your brown hair are subtle and designed to enhance your hair color, not change it completely.
  1. Try a color change with little commitment. Warm up your hair color with a red or auburn color wash. Cover your brown hair with a translucent color gloss such as Redken Shades EQ. Your new color will gently fade away within six weeks. Caution: If your hair had very dry or porous areas, the new hair color may not fade evenly.

  2. Get more lively hair color with even less commitment. Use any of the many color pigmented shampoos to add golden tones, red tones or deeper brown tones. Use blue or purple pigmented shampoo to tone out warmth and create a neutral brown color. These colors fade within two shampoos.

  3. Have you been tinting your hair solid brown to cover gray. It is your natural color and looks ok but it’s boring? Add a few highlights through the bangs area and the top. These few highlights require very little extra work but soften skin tones and brighten your face.

  4. Do you have light to medium natural brown hair? Add lowlights. These are strands of tinted hair that is at least two shades darker than your natural color. The lowlights add depth and richness to your color. When adding them, stay away from the hairline and the part. Then they will grow out quite easily if you choose not to keep up the process.

  5. To your light to medium toned brown hair, add highlights of at least two shades lighter and lowlights of at least two shades darker. Create fine strands and alternate – lighter, natural, and darker throughout your hair. Again, stay away from the front hair line and the part.

  6. To your light or medium toned brown hair, add strands of blonde and strands of auburn. The shade of blonde and auburn will depend on how light or dark you hair is. Create very fine strands and your hair will shimmer as it moves.

  7. Do you have dark brown hair? Add strands of deep red brown. If the red brown is darker than your natural color, all you have to do is add the color. If your natural color is very dark, you will pre-lighten the strands to a gold tone and then apply red semi-permanent color gloss over all of your hair. The red color will adhere to the pre-lightened strands and should stay in over six weeks.

  8. Section off about 1/3 to ½ inch of hair all around your face. Lighten the hair in this area about two shades to a lighter brown. This softens skin tones and softens facial features and is very easy to touch up since it is in front.

  9. Section off the hair in the nape area – all hair below the occipital bone of your head. Tint the hair in this area at least two shades darker than your natural hair color. This is very effective if your hair is layered so that the darker hair extends out from under the lighter hair.

  10. Are you finding more and more gray or white hairs invading your natural brown hair? Using foil or painting with a hair color brush, add strands of your own brown tone to reduce the amount of gray without tinting all over.

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