Fetus Dolls in Elementary Schools

Fetus Dolls in Elementary Schools
When I read about this, I felt sick. While I am writing about it, I feel sick again. When we send our children off to school, we entrust that they are in the best possible care, second to our own.

Thankfully, it is not often, that our trust is broken in horrific and vile ways. Handing out plastic fetus dolls to third, fourth, and fifth graders, I have to say, was never a worry on my radar. Thanks to some adults, in a Norfolk Virginia elementary school, it is now.

They are called ‘’squooshy’’ dolls, and are pink or brown in color, and about four inches in length. The dolls come complete with a tag attached detailing the development of a fetus up to twelve weeks in gestation.

On the reverse side of the card is a religious, ‘’life begins at conception’’ statement.

It boggles my mind, that anyone would find passing these dolls out, in elementary school acceptable. There are many junior and high schools across the United States that are not allowed to pass out condoms to the teens, who will go ahead, and have sex regardless.

In addition, some schools do not allow religion or faith based practices in school, and those that do, can find themselves riddled with lawsuits, because of all the gray area in the law.

How are giving elementary school students, plastic fetus’ preventing abortions? Kids that age have very little, if any idea, the complex details of sex and intimacy, reproduction, birth control, or pregnancy termination.

Kids in that age group would find it more fun, and amusing to kick the fetus dolls around like soccer balls. They have no interest in anti-choice propaganda.

In addition to their inexcusable attempt at making a statement against abortion, how many of the furious and upset parents, do they expect will be inclined to sign on to their cause? I did not speak of abortion with my children in that age bracket, and I do not know another parent on the planet who would.

To think this would go over well with these young kids parents is ridiculous, at best. A closed meeting with parents and school officials took place to discuss the matter, and many of them were angry someone took authority over a parent’s decision on when, and how to educate their child about anything having to do with a fetus, and the never ending argument over the beginning of life.

At this point, the school official responsible for the inappropriate political statement, who remains unnamed, is on administrative leave, pending the school investigation into the matter. The school principal was also put on administrative leave, although it is not known if it is directly related to the fetus distribution.

Join me in the Pro-Choice forums with your ideas on ways, to keep these political statements and propaganda, away from our kids, and out of schools.

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