Practicing Patience

 Practicing Patience
If patience is a virtue, what does that make impatience? Patience may be virtuous but most of us are not so blessed. However, you can find practical ways to deal with your impatience while at your work place and at home. Below are a few things you can do to make you life easier. You can make your own list and show it to your spouse who may want to add some things. Have some fun and learning time with the kids and have them make a similar list. But please, be patient while they are gathering their thoughts.

  • When working on a last minute project don't request the help of someone who is a perfectionist and has to ask many questions. It will not only slow you down but annoy you as well. Instead, seek the help of someone who can pull information quickly, get it to you and ask questions later.

  • If you must go the bank between the first and third of the month, try to get there when the bank opens its doors. Social Security and other checks are usually posted to reach clients between the first three days of the month. You will find long lines at service desks and Teller's windows during this time. If this is the only time you can get to the bank, accept that you will have to wait and take a book or crossword puzzle with you.

  • When driving a long distance, play light upbeat music and stay in one lane at one speed (moderate driving) whenever possible. You will save gas and wear and tear on your nerves.

  • Take an early lunch if you have errands--go out from 11:00 AM to Noon or 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM and you will miss most of the lunch crowd and accomplish more.

  • If you shop at a supermarket that is open around the clock, shop in the early morning hours. You will get the freshest produce, helpful clerks and no lines. Be cautious, park near the entrance of the store.

  • When you have had a bad day and know your patience has reached its limits, try to put off shopping with little ones in tow. Children tire easily in supermarkets and other shops, they should not be punished because you are out of sorts.

  • Understand that your spouse may have had a bad at his or her work place so have patience and wait before you talk about your own bad day at home or in the office.

  • Know and accept that children have reasons for being cranky, even though they can't always verbalize the reasons. Be patient, bend down to the child's level and ask what happened today.

  • If you can't handle the pressure of vacation traffic, let someone else drive the car, you can grab a book and enjoy the ride. If that is not possible you may want to start your trip as soon as the sun rises or at night when there are fewer cars on the road.

Keep in mind that a little planning can help to keep annoyances in check. Remember, if you find yourself saying to your little one, "you have to wait, you have no patience", chances are he has seen how you handle yourself in certain situations.

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