One-Year Sweepstakes Entry Method Comparison

One-Year Sweepstakes Entry Method Comparison
Do you want to make the best use of your sweepstaking time but aren't sure where to begin? The hobby has gone way past the mail-in entry days but that doesn't mean you have to give up on that way of entering sweeps. Or does it?

Now, there are online and phone text entry options available. Which one is best for you? While you certainly don't have to limit yourself to one type of entry, you will get a better return for your time spent sweeping if you develop a tracking system.

The answer may be different for every sweeper. Like people who play games of chance, sweepstakers develop their own style and system. Some sweepstakers only enter cash sweeps. Others may enter to win every type of prize as part of a reselling business strategy. The three types of entries are explained below with suggestions for a year-long tracking system after.


Mail-in entries and texting (explained in detail below) are the most expensive entry methods. There's the expense of stamps, envelopes, postcards and various sized blank cards and paper. However, because online entries have become more popular, you may have better odds of winning with the mail-in method if the sweep you're entering only allows that type of entry. Sweepstakes newsletters are good resources for theses type of contests.


This option is arguably the least expensive, but it has the disadvantage of being inundated with entries which decreases odds of winning. But as the saying goes, you can't win if you don't enter. Automated form-filling applications will help lessen the amount of time it takes to enter online sweeps.

Phone Text Entries

Since texting is so popular, companies have found text giveaways to be a great way to promote their products. The rules will give you a number to send the entry to and either a keyword or phrase to place in the subject area. Remember that you'll have to pay for texting like any other call which is dependent on your mobile phone plan. For example, I have a Tracfone pay-as-you-go phone and minutes are deducted whenever I send a text message.

One thing to look out for in the rules is whether the company will send you texts after your initial entry to advertise their products. There should be a way to opt out of these ad texts. Instructions will be in the rules on how to do this.

Develop a Tracking Plan

Track your cash outlay for the mail-in and texts options. It's wise during this year-long period to set a fixed monthly amount to spend on stamps, newsletter subscriptions and mailing supplies so that doesn't get out of hand. To make the comparison between the three methods, you may also want to treat sweeping like a part-time job and set an hourly rate for the time you spend entering contests and sweeps.

Keep track of how many hours monthly you spend with each type of entry method. After a year's time, tally up any wins compared to the time and money you've spent on each of the three methods to determine which one is best for you from that point on. Good luck!

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