The Office Holiday Party

The Office Holiday Party
When getting ready to attend the office party, you will be fine if you remember these two things: (1) It's still business and (2) If it gets posted on the Internet, for sure, it is there forever. You do not want your fun behavior to go viral on You Tube.

It takes place every year, not always the same place or the same time but it is always there, the office party. With the tight economy, it may not be as elaborate or the food as plentiful as in the past, however, these coming weeks will bring the joyously anticipated (or dreaded) office parties. Be sure to conduct yourself in a manner that will not have you regretting your actions the next day. Wearing a paper bag over your head is not an option; anyway folks will still know who you are. Even those who do not know you, will know what happened if the buzz is loud enough.

The annual office holiday party is not an excuse to get wild and crazy. If you do, you will be sorry the next day. If you work in a large place, you know these stories never die, every year that follows, the 'STORY' will arise much like the fabled Phoenix Bird.

It does not matter if an office party takes place in the office during business hours or off site in the evening, be mindful that it is still a business function. This is the time to be on your best behavior so act accordingly and follow the rules of office party etiquette:

  • Do not skip the party. If you don’t want to stick around from start to finish, at least make an appearance. Get there on time, mingle with coworkers and bosses, eat a bit of the food, thank the host, then leave.

  • If you have promised or have been assigned to bring food, etc. do so. Don't come empty-handed and offer excuses. There no excuse for poor manners.

  • Mingle before you consume. When you arrive at the party, circulate the room saying hello before you head for the buffet table or bar.

  • If you have invited a client or friend stay with that person. It is your duty to make sure your guests are comfortable. Introduce them to the powers and your coworkers so they can put a face to the name they have heard. Make sure they have enough to eat and drink.

  • Take the time to thank your bosses and your peers. Congratulate coworkers for jobs well done or thank them for helping you on projects. Let coworkers know that you enjoy working with them.

  • Don’t drink too much. It can only lead to embarrassment, insult or worse. Remember that you’ll be back in the workplace with most of the party-goers and drunken or other embarrassing behavior will be hard to live down.

  • Be courteous to your mate. If you bring your make sure he or she is included in conversations and introduced to people with whom you work. That includes the receptionist or telephone operator.

  • Get good directions. If the party is being held outside of the workplace, make sure you have the proper directions. You want to arrive at the party on time, do not be late because you failed to get good directions.

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