Your Elemental Mars & Venus

Your Elemental Mars & Venus
Relationship compatibility is a multi-faceted issue. You have to consider, upbringing, educational background, philosophical beliefs and of course astrology. One important factor to consider when contemplating the astrology of a love match is the positions of Venus and Mars in your natal chart.

Looking at the elements associated with the astrological signs provides a wonderful intuitive reference for understanding how relationships are affected by astrological signs. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, the fire signs are the most active and motivated signs of the zodiac. The earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn and stable and dependable. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, the air signs are quick thinkers and good communicators. And the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are deeply emotional.

Now, let’s take the next step and look at the elements associated with your Venus and Mars. Venus and Mars are the two planets in your natal chart that are most closely related to romance. They represent the way you see love, what you look for in love and what excites you in a relationship.

Venus, in roman mythology, was the goddess of love, and so the planet Venus is associated with love. Astrologically, Venus represents the way you see love and what you look for in love. For a man, the placement of Venus in his natal chart represents the type of woman he is likely to be attracted to.

Mars was the ancient roman god of War and the masculine counterbalance to Venus. In contrast to emotional Venus, fiery Mars represents the passionate component of love. Its placement in your natal chart signifies the personality traits and qualities that will ignite your passion. For a woman, the placement of Mars in her natal chart represents the type of man she is likely to be attracted to.

If your Venus is located in a water sign, you look for a highly emotional love relationship. If your Venus is positioned in an air sign, you value communication and friendship with your partner. With Venus in an earth sign, you need structure and stability in your primary relationship. And Venus in a fire sign means you value an active relationship.

With your Mars in a fire sign you look for powerful fiery passion. If your chart has Mars positioned in a water sign, your passion can be touched by deep feelings. If you have Mars in an air sign, your passion is fueled by intellectual stimulation. And Mars in an earth sign signifies that you are turned on by stability.

You need not expect to find a person who fulfills your every desire or whose Venus is perfectly compatible with your Mars. You are not likely to find a person whose Mars perfectly complements your Venus while your Venus exactly balances her or his Mars.

Remember to consider the entire astrological profile of both individuals when looking to understand the astrology of a relationship. Any two people can get along if they want to. Follow your heart. There are many ways to measure compatibility but the most important is the way you feel in your heart.

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