Something that you may not know about me is that I am like a huge kid. The closer the Christmas countdown gets to the big day the less I sleep throughout the night, the toy isle in department stores is by far my favourite and as soon as that Sears wish book hits my front step it immediately gets turned to the toy know for old times sake.

So you can imagine how excited I am that my son is getting old enough to play with the "big kid" toys. The giant plastic rattily keys finally have been upgraded to the toy cars, the plush mouse that both crackles and squeaks and for teething sake even allows for chewing on a major scale finally has been placed in the keepsake box only to be replaced by a giant wooden train set. Yes I am excited.

I find myself searching the internet looking for new and exciting toys that I...I mean "he" will be sure to love and whenever I can manage it things that are made right here in Canada. When I found "Bloco" I was elated; not only is this toy unique and adorable it is made in Quebec! The only downside is that I found it AFTER Christmas which leads me to wonder why Santa would not share such a fantastic find with me.

Bloco kind of reminds me of lego but instead of having plastic pieces covered in little dimples to allow for the proper "stickige" the pieces are made of a kind of thick foam. After comparing the two I have come to enjoy Bloco much more for many different reasons.

Bloco allows you to come up with much more shapely creations then you ever could have created with lego's box styled pieces. You may not be able to create a giant castle (yet) but you can certainly build a pretty amazing looking dinosaur, Viking, or even a monkey, something that you could not do to this degree with lego.

Using Bloco also allows you to give emotion to the objects you create, you can make them angry, or happy, or apply certain characteristics that portray them as cute and cuddly or scary and dangerous. Bloco gives you the amazing opportunity to let your imagination wander which is a quality that proves to be incredibly important in the development of a child and well...its just plain fun!

It is sold in kits that allow you to make a combination of different creatures. For example the "Savanna in Pyjamas" set allows you to build zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, and snakes, as well as a few other interesting animals all with varying degrees of challenge to construct. However as you build upon your Bloco collection you will find that you can create more and more wonderful things.

One of my favourite things about Bloco is how they encourage children to use their imagination to come up with new designs using the pieces they have. In fact the creators of Bloco actually ask the children to send in pictures of their work which they display on a section of their website with the name and age of that child attached. When I went in to check out what type of things the children were coming up with on their own I was kind of shocked at the degree of challenge that was required by some and yet each was indeed made by a child. I think this speaks for itself when determining whether or not this toy can be considered educational, the children can learn a multitude of skills from this one simple toy including hand Eye coordination, problem solving, creativity, and even to some level patience.

So as I was whipping out my credit card as fast as I could to order a few of these guys for myself I thought I would take a few seconds out to pass along this find to you my readers. Maybe just maybe it might become one of your favourite toys as well.

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