Sun in Cancer – Welcome Summer !

Sun in Cancer – Welcome Summer !
The Summer Solstice, which occurs each year on or about June 21, not only heralds the beginning of summer but also marks the entrance of the sun into the sign of Cancer. It is at the summer solstice, that we experience the longest day of the year and the sun is highest in sky. After the solstice, the bright days will grow warmer even as they begin to shorten.

As the sun moves from the masculine sociable sign of Gemini into the feminine introspective sign of Cancer, we find out thoughts drifting into daydreams of cool lemonade sipped on a warm day by the pool. There is a wave of emotional excitement. It is a time for graduations and summer vacations. With the sun in watery Cancer, we have yearnings for days by the seashore dipping our toes into the cool ocean.

Like the other Cardinal signs, Cancer signifies the beginning of a new season, in this case summer. The first water sign of the zodiac, Cancer is represented by the water dwelling crab. This introverted crustacean brings with her, sensitivity, intuition and secretiveness. Home and family are of the utmost importance to Moon Babies. They are very nurturing and compassionate, but can sometimes be overly controlling.

With the Moon as its ruling planet, reflective Cancer is the most emotional of the Astrological signs. As the moon rules the tides, it also rules our emotions. In its short twenty-four day cycle the moon changes from the powerful bright, full moon to the introspective invisible or dark moon and back to full again. Cancerians being especially susceptible to the moon’s cycle tend to be very emotional people.

The month of June has long been a popular time for weddings. In ancient time, newly married couples would spend an entire month or moon alone together sealing their marital bonds. With so many weddings during the Cancer moon, it is no wonder that the June full moon has been dubbed the ‘Honey Moon’.

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