Your Moon Sign – The Inner You

Your Moon Sign – The Inner You
Most people know their sun sign. After all, our horoscopes are published in just about every daily newspaper, listing birthdays that correspond to each sun sign of the zodiac. Not so well known, or so well published is the moon sign. Your moon sign is the sign of that held the moon at the date and time of your birth. The moon travels through the zodiac at a much faster rate than the sun. As it traverses our sky, the sun spends about a month at a time in each sign, while the moon travels through each sign in just a few days.

Throughout history, the moon has been held in a place of honor. Believing that the moon possessed secret magical powers, our ancient ancestors tracked her phases, worshiped deities representing her and even named a day of the week for her.

The ancient Greeks held the moon in such high regard that they named three separate deities to represent her. Artemis, the huntress, represented the waxing or growing moon. Her youth and physical stamina was the embodiment of qualities associated with the waxing crescent. Represented by Selene, the full moon was believed to hold the fullness of strength of this nurturing mother goddess. Hecate, the wise crone goddess, represented the waning moon.

The moon has long been associated with dark, feminine secrets and with the unconscious mind. The moon is the female counterpart to the masculine sun. While the sun represents thoughts, the moon represents feelings; while the sun represents active dominant energy, the moon represents passive receptive energy.

Just as your sun sign represents the outer you, your moon sign represents the inner you. Your moon sign identifies the way you feel about things. The daytime is the realm of the sun, which rules our conscious thinking mind. The moon rules the nighttime, your dream life and your hidden fears and fantasies.

Your moon sign reveals the way you feel about yourself and your life. This explains why some people feel their sun sign descriptions ‘don’t fit’. An Aries with Scorpio moon will possess a very different emotional nature than an Aries with Leo Moon, even though these two people may have been born just a few days apart.

To determine your moon sign you will need to know your date, time and place of birth.
You can find your moon sign, by looking up the time and date of your birth in an ephemeris. Alternately, you could create or have an astrologer create your astrological birth chart. There are also several web sites that will create a free astrological birth chart for you. All your planets, including your moon are represented in your birth chart. Once you have determined your moon sign, you can read the appropriate description and see how well it reveals your emotional side.

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