The Sheep in Chinese Astrology

The Sheep in Chinese Astrology
This week is about the Sheep Sign in Chinese Astrology. People, born in the years, 1907, 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 and 2015 are considered people of the Sheep Year.
According to Chinese, sheep represents peace and compassion unlike the Westerners who think sheep are silly. The people of this sign are generally friendly, creative, easy going and they make good team workers.


The Sheep symbolizes comfort in Chinese Culture. Gentle, thoughtful, artistic, righteous and kindwould be the best words to define Sheep. Food, shelter and clothing are the three things that are important for them. They prefer moderation and are cautious in life. They are predisposed to be overcome by their feelings or emotions and become pessimistic.

Sheep are kind, polite, clever, hardworking, calm, nurturer and easily taken by sympathy. They make good team workers but they prefer to be led rather than leading. They are better then they realize because they are good at keeping peace and accomplishing tasks. Their expectations from life are love, attention and approval. Like the Dragon, Sheep are lucky, too. They have everything they need to make life easier and can get their wishes without force. As they are artistically talented and passionate about fashion. Their romantic nature makes them determined in love.

Even though they might seem disorganized, they actually manage things easily, especially the last minute things. It’s important for them to get things going in their way, otherwise they might easily be discouraged.


Sheep may seem so fragile on the outside but actually, they are healthy in general. The key to their health is happiness. So, unhappiness would make them sick as you can guess. Any kind of trouble, especially a romantic one, would affect the Sheep’s stomach easily.


Being in the crowd is not uncomfortable for the Sheep. They prefer and enjoy being a part of the crowd rather than leading it. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t take the lead. Power or status are just not that important for them.
Sheep would make good actors, architects, art historians, editors, interior designers, musicians and pediatricians.


As we said before, Sheep do not like to be alone. They are family-oriented people. So, the partner of the Sheep should like children or big families. Sheep devote themselves to the right person for them and do their best to provide a stable, loving and happy relationship. The partner of the Sheep needs to be supportive and should help him/her to develop self-confidence.

Before moving on to the next section of the influences of elements on this sign, you might want to find your element according to the table below.

01.24.1955 – 02.11.1956 Wood
02.09.1967 – 01.29.1968 Fire
01.28.1979 – 02.15.1980 Earth
02.15.1991 – 02.03.1992 Metal
02.01.2003 – 01.21.2004 Water

The Wood Sheep

Wood Sheep are passionate and helpful. This is the reason why there are many people around Sheep. As they are sincere, they would be hurt by the people who take advantage of them. But, that can’t keep them away from the crowd. Sometimes Wood Sheep might need to take care of themselves because caring for others can be very tiring.

The Fire Sheep

Unlike Wood Sheep, Fire Sheep do not get hurt easily as well as not desiring the approval of others. They are capable of taking care of and standing up for themselves. They can even put themselves first. Fire Sheep are charismatic, so, they prefer theater rather than the other forms of art. They enjoy being around their close friends and family and socializing with them.

The Earth Sheep

The Earth element has a ground effect on Sheep. Lack of self-confidence is a minor negativity they have but we can say that they are still stable people. Sheep are very independent. The most important thing in life, for Earth sheep is his family and in order to be able to provide for his family, he works very hard.

The Metal Sheep

Metal Sheep keep all their emotions inside and look tough on the outside but actually they are fragile and this is just a way to protect their fragility. Mostly, they treat others the way they feel and want. Metal Sheep can be overprotective and vulnerable sometimes. Compared to the other Sheep, Metal Sheep are very passionate about arts.

The Water Sheep

Just like the water, Water Sheep are able to go with the flow. It's easy to get along well with them. If you are looking for a roommate, you should definitely search for a Water Sheep! Their homes are where they feel safe. Another good characteristic of Water Sheep is their settlement in one place.

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