Self Esteem For Toddlers

Self Esteem For Toddlers
Believe it or not, Preschoolers also need self esteem to enable them have fun at school as well as develop into confident personalities. This answers the question of how early you should begin work on helping your child develop his/her self esteem. Sometimes all it takes is to let your toddlers explore to their satisfaction, especially at home, after you put away every harmful object of course. Again, mapping out playtime with kids their ages works fine too and try not to worry that you may be exposing them early to an evil world per se, on the contrary you would be helping prepare him/her for a memorable childhood fun experience. Here are some benefits of helping your kids build a good self esteem early in life.

1. They get to mix up with their peers easily: Your child will grow to relax among other kids; even a usually shy or overly reserved kid will gradually loosen up and mingle with other children, especially at children parties or any outing with other kids. I find from experience that Kids who are overly protected are usually the kids you find clinging to mommy whenever they are around other kids.

2. They are not scared to be let off at school: My little girl for one, happily marches off to her classroom the moment we get into the school premises. She's not even two yet, and I always have run after her to ensure she goes into the right classroom and she does. I marvel at her attitude each day because at her age, I cried and wailed whenever I was dropped off at school.

3. Surround them with books with creative pictures: Every growing child sees pictures of princes and princess' as beautiful personalities and let's face it; we did too at one point in our lives. When you constantly read to your kids about princes' who are brave and courageous or princess' who are charming and show the pictures of these characters to your kids, they'll set out to be just as bold and courageous as these characters in their books.

4. Their confidence is built at this stage: Another advantage for your preschooler is that they develop self confidence early in life. Children, who are positively guided, will develop lots of esteem and confidence before they get to their teenage ages and as teenagers it will be very difficult to bully these ones.

Finally, while it is always best to begin early to instill all the wonderful qualities we want in our children, our older kids should be abandoned. No matter the age(s) our kids have attained, there must be a way to get across to them, we just need to find that way and do what we must.

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