Simplify Your Finances

Simplify Your Finances
Finances are important, but we need to be in control of them, not let them take over our time. By simplifying your finances you will be able to dominate them.

Simplify Your Finances

Sometimes we make life too complicated for ourselves, and one area we do this is with finances. Simplifying your finances is a good way to feel you are getting a part of your life in order. Here are a few ways you can make life easier for yourself:

Consolidate your accounts
If you have multiple checking accounts and credit cards, see if you can close some of them. If you are married, then share accounts. Create one of each account and make it joint then have a joint financial plan.

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Set a reminder to pay your bills on time
These days we can have phones that can give us reminders, so use your phone to help you remember to pay your bill and never pay a late fee again.

Auto pay your bills
Better than setting a reminder, pay your bills automatically. By talking to your bank you can set up a direct payment for all your regular bills.

Invest in funds rather than individual stocks
For the same reason as above, you should reduce your checking accounts and credit cards, you can invest in a fund rather than individual stocks and have a lot less paperwork to deal with.

File your paperwork in an organized manner
Don’t waste time looking for papers, store them properly in the first place. Have a well-labeled filing cabinet or box and put your papers there when you have finished with them.

Don’t overspend
Getting into debt adds to your stress level a lot. Only spend what you have, not what you have yet to earn. If you are not sure you can afford it, you can’t.

Adam Baker the founder of Man Vs. Debt says “The more you simplify your financial life, the easier it is to dominate it.”

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