Taxes & Love- The Player Prince Is Giving a Ball

Taxes & Love-  The Player Prince Is Giving a  Ball
Our last sighting of Prince Charming the Original Player Prince was some time ago when he was on a Hunting Trip in search of a new playmate. He was looking for Cinderella and his plan was to bring her home to his kingdom to be at his side at the Royal Holly Ball. However, it took him a little longer than he expected to find and woo Cinderella and the updated information we have is from an undercover reporter who overheard a conversation between the 3 estranged wives of Prince Charming. It seems that the Prince is Giving a Valentines Day Ball according to the transcript of the wives conversation that follows.

“Well, Rapunzel, can you even believe our player husband Prince Charming did not come back from his royal hunting trip in time to host the annual Holly Ball?”

“What do you expect Snow White? Why should he change his spots now? He hasn’t ever behaved responsibly. What would make you think hosting the annual Holly Ball would be a priority to our game playing husband?”

“I guess I just thought that he might want to try to shine up his tarnished image a bit for his subjects. What do you think Sleeping Beauty?”

“I think he’s a creep and whether he likes it or not he just might end up wearing prison stripes instead of his royal robes and crown when our Attorney and the Royal Tax Collector are done with him. I did hear today that he’s back now and that the annual Ball is now scheduled to be held on Valentines Day. There are flyers posted all over town. It’s to be called The Lovers Concerto Ball to celebrate love. It’s a freaking masquerade ball. I’ll bet he made it a costume ball so that he could hide and remain incognito as he gambles away the night without us being able to use his behavior as additional evidence. As if any of us would attend his great royal event. You’re not going are you Snow White?”

“Absolutely not, I heard he brought home a new girl named Cinderella that he refers to as his Lady Luck. Did you hear anything about that Rapunzel?”

“I sure did. He’s put her up in your wing of the castle and he’s put her step-sisters up in Sleeping Beauty’s wing and he’s actually put her step-mother up in my wing. I’m not going anywhere near that trollop ball. I do think we need to hire a private investigator to attend and gather additional evidence of adultery and underpayment of his taxes related to his gambling activities and the loot he wins and doesn’t claim on his tax returns.”

“That’s it then, we all three agree not to attend but to send our investigator. I’ll hire one. You know the real kicker is that he’s flatly refused to pay any support to any of us but he is throwing cash at everyone else. He claims he can’t pay support to all of us because the royal coffers are low right now yet he has money to entertain his new girlfriend and her entire family and to put on a royal ball. I heard he even gave Cindy girl a gift of $12,000 and that he gave her Mother a gift of $12,000 as well. It seems that as long as the amount is under $12,000 per person per year he doesn’t have to file a gift tax return. Can you even believe he’s throwing that kind of money around but not paying his taxes or our support?”

“Well you know Snow White, that guy Edgar in the Royal Tax Collector’s Office slipped and told me that our Princely husband was not able to convince the Royal Collector that he did not owe additional taxes for not claiming his gambling winnings so he had to enter into an installment agreement.

He filled a Form 9465 Installment Agreement Request to request the installment agreement. Once the Prince had his installment agreement set up he realized that he needed to find a way to bring some money into the royal coffers. He decided he’d raise the real estate taxes on his loyal subjects but he didn’t want to make them angry since they were already a little annoyed at him for not having the Holly Ball so he decided to throw a Lovers Concerto Ball for Valentines Day to soften the blow and to hold off on the new real estate assessment until after the Ball. Can you girls believe the gall of that man?”

“Well I for one am not a bit surprised, and I’m sure not going to his Love Fest Ball, how about you Rapunzel.”

“No, I’m not surprised either. I’m not setting foot at that Lovers Ball either. It’s a slap in the face to all three of us given the fact that he’s still legally and financially bound to us and he’s going to be attending that Lovers Concerto Ball with that girl Cinderella. I think it’s time to hire a private investigator to keep tabs on him. What do you think Snow White.?

“I think I've changed my mind and it’s time to take off the white gloves and put on a costume. I think we should all attend the Love In. Why should we make it easy for him to have a good old time with Cinderella?” The Prince is Giving A Ball and ladies, we should attend.”

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