Feng Shui In Your House

Feng Shui In Your House
In our busy lives, we are trying to find peace, health, and happiness in our homes, our fortresses. One of the new trends is the Feng Shui which has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years. Feng Shui means wind and water. It is a guide on how to use the flow of water in our homes based on the observations on our environment. The basic principle of Feng Shui is to respect the flow of nature, to know its rules and to make the environment we live in compatible with our personalities. Here are some tips for you to apply in your house.

You can soften the sharp image effect of protrusive corner and columns by putting plants in front of them. The negative energy coming from the edges would be eliminated this way. Renew the plant constantly as it can’t resist the ‘chi’ coming from the edges for a long time.

Use mirrors to enlarge the narrow corners. In addition to the enlarging effect, the mirrors make the narrow corners look bigger. Place the mirror on a wall which isn’t facing the door. A mirror reflecting the door blocks the whole positive energy flow.

Green is good in the house as the wood element represent superiority and development. Plants bring more luck when placed in the directions of east, southeast and south.

Place a sunrise picture in the south direction in your house. The direction south, Red Phoenix’s place, is the direction of new opportunities. Having a sunrise picture in the southern part of your house would help you develop your life better.

Get an aquarium to improve your career. The fish symbolizes good luck in Feng Shui tradition. Place an aquarium on the northern part of your house and watch your career go up!

The best direction to have a fireplace in your living room is the south, but east, southeast, southwest and northeast work out too. Southwest direction must definitely be avoided. If you have a fireplace in the southwest corner of the room, never use it and always keep it close.

The front door and the entrance of the house are very important. The Feng Shui effect of the front door affects the whole house and that’s why it should be located carefully. This is where the energy is gathered first and then dispersed around the house. Always keep the entrance bright and refreshing. If it’s possible, do not place mirrors facing the front door.

Paint your front door according to the element of the place it’s opened to:
- red for south, southwest or northeast,
- blue for north, east or soutwest,
- white for west, north and northwest,
- green for east, southeast or south.

Activate the welfare corner of your living room. The universal welfare corner is the southeast. You can energize this corner by putting plants or an aquarium. But, do this only in your living room, avoid doing this in your bedroom, bathroom and dining room.

Placing a pair or a picture of a pair of mandarin ducks in the soutwest corner of your bedroom would increase the romance and luck in your life. Duck represents loyalty and happiness. As an alternative you can put anything in the shape of a heart.

Do not place the mirrors in a position that is reflecting your bed. The reflections in the mirror mean a third person. Do not sleep under the truss. This would lead to sleepless nights and distance between the couples.
The bedroom doors should not face the kitchen or the bathroom. If this is inevitable, place a wind chime between the two doors to sweep away the bad effect. Bedroom doors should not be across a mirror, bathroom or the stairs. If so, the doors should be closed. Do not use Pa Kua mirror as it is for outdoor use only.

We need a calm energy for sleep. Don’t place your bed across the bedroom door. Always have a bed headboard. The bed should be leaned to the wall and 45cm. higher from the ground. It should always be in the position where the door can be seen. There should be soft light in the room. Don’t have anything under the bed. Try to keep your bedroom in a minimalist way.

Don’t turn your back to the door. When working in your office, try not to have the door behind you. The people who turn their backs to the door while working, get tired easily and fast. When you’re busy in the kitchen, avoid turning your back to the door.

Define your personality and your element. Use the colors and objects accordingly to the element (wood, earth, water, metal, fire) that you need the most.

Decide which part of your life you want to improve. Express this in your house. Make room for your needs. If you want to improve your career, you can try to have a wealthiness vase or a dream board. If you want to have a baby, you can place baby pictures around the house.

Applying Feng Shui in your life is not about belief, it’s about the energy that is already around us. When you apply Feng Shui to your life, you will see the results whether you believe it or not.

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