Cape Breton Drive In

Cape Breton Drive In
Since July 10th 1975 the Cape Breton Drive In has been entertaining locals and travelers alike, providing them with all of the summers biggest blockbusters all for a great price. Its no wonder why this summer specticle has line ups each and every night, rain or shine. But is it really worth your time to check it out for yourself? Well to answer this question in the simplest way possible, yes. The drive in can be the host of many events, including date night!

Whether you choose a romantic night out or just want a chance to kick back and relax then the drive in is definitely the place to be. How can a drive in be romantic? Well, picture you and your guy cuddling under the stars watching "The Proposal" (featuring Canada's own completely drool worthy Ryan Reynolds) and sharing a picnic and a bottle of champaign. If this is not quite the date you had in mind you can always replace the picnic with a bag of hot buttery popcorn and a chocolate bar and the champaign with some good ol fashion pop, and round of the night with laughs supplied to you by "The Hangover" or "Funny People" (featuring Canadian funny guy Seth Rogen).

The drive in can even be a great place to bond with your family. If you talk when in a regular theatre you risk the dreadful "shhhh", and well we all know that kids are prone to asking a million questions, even when they are in a crowded theatre and you are sitting three seats away. At the drive in you can avoid the angry glares and relax. Whether you choose to watch the movie from your vehicle or out under the starry skies, your kids will absolutely love watching the movie here, seeing the big screen outdoors just adds extra magic to the whole experience. Oh and in most cases the kids are sleeping before the second movie begins, which means you and your hubby can enjoy the next movie (and possibly two) in peace and quiet, and feel like Sandy and Danny had in the classic "Grease".

Still not convinced that the drive in is a better choice then a regular theatre? Well maybe the price tag for the experience will change your mind. While two people going to a normal theatre will pay $21 for one movie, at the drive in however you will only pay $14.99 per carload (which means in a normal car five people, and in a van eight!) and not just to see one movie but a minimum of two, or you can come down on a Tuesday night and only pay $8.99 a car load. Pretty good deal right!

You also save money on the concessions, I mean even I think that a normal theatre can charge an arm and a leg for some of their items. I once paid $4 for one ity bity bottle of water. The drive in however offers all items at about a third the cost plus they offer even more great choices. You can chow down on half a pound of their delicious fries for only $2.40 or make it a even bigger poutine for only $3.25. Of course they have your all your old favourites as well such as popcorn (a must for any movie) and nachos (which is served with its own locally made jalapeƱo cheese). This is all great but lets face it, if you have four hungry kids your goody bill is going to be massive no matter how little they charge. Whether this is the case or maybe the menu just doesn't appeal to your diet, you still have another choice. Packing your own lunch will not only save you money but allow you to make healthier choices then you would have when buying from a concession stand. Just pop a few packages of microwave popcorn and your kids will be happy for the rest of the night.

Well there is no other way around it the drive in definitely trumps a normal theatre when it comes to our bellies and our wallets, but there is still one more thing I you need to know. Every long weekend of the summer the drive in hosts "Dusk to Dawn" (referred to as D2D by the locals). During this event you can fill up your car and head in to see a minimum of four movies (sometimes five or more) for just $17.99 a car load. This event is known for its sold out nights so if you would like to attend you must arrive early to find a parking spot. The first movie begins the same as regular night (at sunset) and the movies run right through until sunrise.

Whether you live on Cape Breton Island or are just here for a visit skip the movie theatre and treat yourself, family and friends to a night at the drive in and use the money you save to buy a new pair of shoes.

If you would like more information visit the Cape Breton Drive In's[url=]Offical Website.[/url] or check out their [url=]Facebook Group.[/url]

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