Lucky Bamboo for Good Fortune

Lucky Bamboo for Good Fortune
Lucky Bamboo is an incredibly popular plant used in homes and businesses to attract good luck and prosperity. It's actually not really bamboo. Because of its appearance, the good fortune attributed to real bamboo in centuries-old Asian lore has been passed onto to this beautiful, inexpensive substitute.

Use in Feng Shui

One use for lucky bamboo is in feng shui. This is a Chinese tradition used to affect the energy in buildings and surrounding environment for the benefit of the inhabitants and land. Feng shui seeks to balance the five elemental energies of earth, wood, metal, water and fire. The stalks symbolize wood and they're often placed in containers with water and pebbles or rocks representing earth. Feng shui coins hung on red ribbon are placed on or around the plant which represent metal and fire respectively.

You've probably seen lucky bamboo plants somewhere near the cash registers in Chinese businesses. The plant is said to keep energy flowing in the spot it's placed so it's perfect to put anywhere business transactions happen to keep commerce flowing. The number of stalks also symbolize certain types of luck or fortune. Five stalks represent the five elements mentioned above from which all wealth stems from. Six and eight stalks attract general prosperity. Twenty-one stalks will bring over-arching blessings to your home or enterprise.

Place the plant near your sweepstakes supplies and/or use it in one of the ways mentioned above. You can substitute coins of your country for the feng shui coins to increase the symbolism for the type of currency you want attract. A metal money clip might be a good substitute too. You can get really creative with this and personalize your setup.

Plant Specifics

Its botanical name is Dracaena sanderiana and the plant is actually native to West Africa, not Asia. It's become so popular in part because of how hearty and easy it is to grow. It's best grown in indirect but adequate light. It can be grown indoors purely in water. They're sold placed in small vases or glass containers with water and pebbles. Fertilize them in this setting every two months. Yellow leaves are a sign of over fertilization and you should change the water immediately and don't fertilize for a few months after this.

The stalks can also be grown in soil and increase the fertilizer to once a month. The stalks need to be misted every couple of days when grown in soil.

This plant is toxic to pets so keep that in mind in terms of placement. Lucky bamboo is readily available in flower shops, grocery stores and Asian markets. I've even seen them for sale at dollar stores. Enjoy and good luck!

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