Take a Vacation With Feng Shui

 Take a Vacation With Feng Shui
Most of us look forward all year long to a relaxing vacation away from our usual routine. If you are traveling this summer, or anytime during the year, you can take some of the comforts of home along, plus protect your home while you are gone, by following a few simple Feng Shui recommendations.

An occupied home represents active or yang energy, but a house that is vacant can attract quiet or yin energy that could make it more vulnerable to burglary. These Shui tips can help you retain the yang energy in your home while you are away and keep it safe. Your local police department is probably recommending some of these things. Bet they don't realize they are practicing Feng Shui!

--Put several lamps on timers and set them to come on and off during the evening to simulate your natural movements around the house during a typical evening at home.

--Connect a radio to another timer and set it to come on and off several times during the day so there is sound in your home.

--Stop delivery of your newspaper a full day before your trip. That way if it does get delivered before you leave you will have a second change to stop delivery before papers accumulate around your home.

--Clean your house before you leave and throw out all leftovers and food that could go bad while you are gone so you don’t have to come home to bad smells.

--Arrange with a neighbor or friend to take out the can on trash day so you won't come home to stagnant energy.

--Change your linens before you leave, because whether you stay at a luxury hotel with 600 thread count sheets or at mom’s house on the lumpy sofa bed you will still appreciate the freshness of new sheets when you come home.

Once you get to your destination you can make a few adjustments to your surroundings. Whether you are staying in a hotel, beach house, or rented condo, a little bit of Feng Shui goes a long way toward assuring a harmonious vacation:

--Ask to see your hotel room before you agree to it. If it smells smoky, musty, or just plain bad, ask for a different one.

--Unpack as soon as you get to your destination so you can quickly settle in and make the space your own. Store your luggage in the closet, since suitcases under the bed represent walking away from a good night’s sleep.

--Bring a memento from home with you to display, such as a family photo, so your room feels more like home than a borrowed space. Rearrange the furniture if the setup feels uncomfortable or if you keep stubbing your toes. Just be sure to put it back in its original place before you leave.

--If the mirror is opposite the bed you will not sleep restfully. Call housekeeping for an extra sheet or towel to throw over the mirror at night. If you can see the toilet from the bed it will drain your energy. Keep the bathroom door closed at night while you sleep.

--Bring a small night light and flashlight with you so if you get up at night you will not walk into the furniture or crash into that closed bathroom door.

When you arrive home, unpack and put away your suitcases as soon as you get home. Suitcases left near the front door represent tying to escape from your current life situation. Be sure to open the windows for a short while, even if it is cold outside, then run the water and use your stove so the fresh chi begins to circulate immediately. That way you can begin to settle back into your routine quickly, while you still have wonderful memories of your trip to support you.

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