50 Things I Wish I Knew Before I had Children

50 Things I Wish I Knew Before I had Children
We are never prepared for motherhood. The amazing baby that is so loving, yet so demanding, becomes a teen sooner than you wish. Motherhood is life changing, and there are many things we wish we knew before we started on that journey. Here are just a few…


1. You don’t spoil a baby by cuddling him
2. Children grow up, even though today you don’t think they will
3. Car seats don’t swaddle babies like moms do
4. There’s a lot of really cute baby equipment that doesn’t last very long
5. It takes 15 minutes minimum to just walk out the door
6. Pregnancies don’t last for ever
7. Sleep is important for mom
8. Babies are designed to be cute because they are so demanding
9. Girls in dresses don’t crawl very well
10. The way a baby learns is fascinating


11. Play is the best thing a young child can do
12. Many children’s toys are the exact size to go in a toilet and not come out
13. The terrible twos end around the 10th birthday
14. Sick children are quiet
15. Toddlers who tantrum breathe eventually, even if their face goes blue
16. Overpay your babysitter and get a better quality of child-minder
17. The biggest danger to a child is a sibling
18. Large cardboard boxes are amazing
19. Television makes a great babysitter if only used occasionally
20. No such thing exists as a child who is normal


21. You never get to sleep in late again
22. Guilt is part of motherhood, get used to it
23. Children are for 24 hours each day
24. Laptops close so you can make eye contact
25. Make memories
26. Life will never be normal again
27. Teenage boys are fun to be with
28. Everything gets done eventually
29. You never stop parenting
30. When mom lies down with a child to help him sleep, mom can fall asleep first


31. Living in a mess stresses mom out, regular tidying is a must
32. Picking up for 15 minutes a day makes a big difference
33. It is more stressful to get the children to do a chore than do it myself, nevertheless I must get the children to do it.
34. Aim for quality A+ chores and you will get quality A+ schoolwork.
35. Enthusiasm for chores done well encourages repetition

36. Keep your marriage alive
37. A family is like a business, you need business meetings and romance, don’t mix the two
38. Locks on the bedroom door are very useful
39. Breaks from children are healthy for everyone
40. A regular date keeps your sanity and your relationship

41. My mood controls the household
42. Bathroom breaks are breaks
43. There is time to read in the bathroom and comic books are best
44. All you need are one or two great friends for a good support system
45. No one asks me what I do for a living any more
46. Look after yourself
47. Motherhood is life changing, but I’m still the same person inside
48. Moms don’t get sick days
49. If something happens to you, it’s happened to another mom before you
50. Good support bras are awesome

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