Getting Ready for Twins

Getting Ready for Twins
Stumped as to what to include on your baby registry? Beginning the garage sale sweep of the week? Take a look at these suggestions--from a mom who has been there--for stocking your house/nursery for the arrival of twins!

Sleeping Area

What you need right away:

- 1 crib
- 1 bassinette or pack-n-play
- mattresses for crib and bassinette
- 6-8 crib/bassinette sheets
- 4 mattress pads
- a changing table or an area set up for changing diapers
- a dresser or underbed storage for clothes, blankets, diapers, etc
- a cot or twin bed (many parents find they need this in the nursery, so at least one parent
can sleep at night during those first few weeks)
- 1 large clothes hamper (baby ones will be too small)
- baby monitor

What you'll need by 4-6 months:

- 2 cribs


What you need right away:

- 8 or more 4 ounce bottles and nipples
- 20 burp cloths or cloth diapers
- bottle brush
- *rent* a breast pump from the hospital (don't buy one until your supply has come in)
- 1 package breast milk storage bags or bottles (get more from hospital)
- 1 large box of breastpads (even if you don't plan to nurse)
- 1 can of formula (you can get these free from the manufacturer. Even if you think you will breastfeed, have formula on hand--you will most likely need to supplement)
- 8 soothies pacifiers (regular or premie)

What you may need by 1-2 months:

- twins nursing pillow or 2 Boppy pillows, if you continue nursing
- LOTS of formula, if you don't continue nursing or need extensive supplements
- 8 or more 9 ounce bottles and larger nipples, if babies are ready
- more soothies pacifiers (they disappear somehow!)

What you'll need by 4-6 months:

- 2 highchairs
- 4-6 bowls
- 4-6 spoons
- LOTS more formula
- baby food
- 2-4 sippy cups
- larger nipples for bottles
- LOTS of plastic or terrycloth bibs


What you need right away:

- 12 "onesies" or t-shirts, size NB or premie
- 12 receiving blankets for swaddling
- 12 lightweight sleep-n-plays
- 12 lightweight baby gowns
- 12 terrycloth sleepers (for summer babies)
- 12 polar-fleece or heavy terrycloth sleepers (for winter babies)
- 2 polar-fleece buntings or snugli carseat covers (for winter babies)
- 12 knit baby hats
- 2 heavier stocking caps (for winter babies)
- 2 wide-brimmed sunhats (for summer babies)
- 12 pair baby socks
- 4 pair scratch mittens
- 12 pair rubber pants (if using cloth diapers)

What you'll need later:

Your babies will most likely grow quickly, and may not grow at the same pace. If possible, during your pregnancy, go to garage sales, call up friends who are done having babies, etc., and collect clothing in various sizes and seasons, so you have something when your babies seem to have grown overnight and don't fit into their clothes.


What you need right away:

- If you're using cloth diapers, plan on going through 24 in one day. Buy as many as you need to fit your laundry schedule
- 150 - 200 disposable diapers, size NB
- 200 - 400 disposable diapers, size 1-2
- 400+ baby wipes
- 1 tube of Desitin
- 1 large covered wastebasket and LOTS of garbage bags (for disposable diapers)
- 1 large covered diaper pail (for cloth diapers)

What you'll need at 1-2 months:

- MORE diapers and wipes! Put diapers and wipes on your registry, and/or if people ask what you need, tell them you need diapers and wipes (especially if they belong to Costco or Sam's Club). Consider buying yourself a membership to one of these clubs. They will save you a LOT of money on diapers, wipes and/or formula, even with the cost of membership figured in.

Health/ Safety

What you need right away:

- 1 "baby kit" with clippers, medicine doser, comb, brush, toothbrush, etc
- 1 infant bathtub (you can only bathe one at a time)
- 4 infant hooded towels and washcloths
- Johnson's baby wash
- Aveeno baby lotion
- Baby oil
- 1 package infant Tylenol
- 2 rectal thermometers

What you need 6 months+:

- Infant Advil (never give ibuprofen to babies under 6 months)
- Sunscreen (I recommend Vanicream 35 spf sunscreen, which is free of irritants)
- electronic ear thermometer
- bath toys
- corner guards
- safety gates
- outlet covers
- cord covers


What you need right away:

- 2 car seats (I recommend Graco's, which snap into the stroller below)
- 2 extra bases (if you have two cars)
- Double Stroller (Graco Duo-Glider is the most cost-effective and functional)
- 1 extra-large diaper bag
- 1 smaller diaper bag
- "rearview" mirrors for backseat, so you can see babies while driving

What you'll need at 6 months+:

- 2 convertible car seats (once the twins grow out of the infant seats)


What you need right away:

- 6-8 large soft blankets to put on the floor for "tummy time" and play time. Don't put baby directly on carpet. The chemicals can irritate baby skin.

- Two bouncy chairs. Many twins have reflux and need to sleep in a semi-reclining position. Bouncy chairs work great. They also provide a place to put babies in a common area of the house.

- CD's with soothing music and/or womb sounds, to help babies get to sleep

- crib mobile

What you may need at 1 - 2 months:

- 1 or 2 baby swings (we only needed one, as one baby was usually happy in the bouncy)
- play gym
- rattles and other toys
- crib "entertainers" that play music, show pictures
- clip-on carseat toys
- tactile books

What you'll need at 4 - 6 months:

- 2 exer-saucers (great for keeping babies occupied)
- 1 SuperYard XT (works inside or outside)
- Teething rings/rattles
- interactive crib toys
- baby board books

Other Items to Consider

- hire or arrange for free help with baby care, meals and/or housecleaning for the first six weeks--you'll need at least a little assistance as you recover from childbirth
- 2 clipboards with paper, to record babies' eating amounts/times and toileting (especially if multiple people are helping with babies)
- bottle warmer (Avent's is best)
- 2 baby books
- Large package of maxi-pads for lochia (no tampons)
- antibacterial hand cleanser (keep near diaper area)
- antibacterial soap for the bathroom
- intense moisturizing hand lotion (hands get dry from all that washing)
- rubber, latex, or nitrile gloves for changing area
- a large capacity washer and dryer (we love our LG front-loader)
- a dishwasher (hand-washing that many bottles is not fun)
- Perfume and dye-free laundry soap

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