The Horse in Chinese Astrology

The Horse in Chinese Astrology
This week you are going to read about the characteristics of the people who are born in the Year of the Horse according to Chinese Astrology.
People who are born in the years, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990 and 2002 are considered people of the Horse Year.

As you know, horses run to their freedom. Freedom is, also, very important for the people born under this sign. Words like exciting, vivid and full of energy, would summarize the character of the Horse.


People born in the Year of the Horse are smart, committed and very active. They are not afraid to take risks in order to achieve. The Horse have an ambitious nature and fast-learners. They can do many things at the same time, we can say they are multitasked people but there may be times when they don't finish what they start.

You can always trust Horses. They make very good friends. Their self-centeredness can cause problems sometimes, especially when they can't get what they want. They might be in a bad mood when they don't get what their want but you can be sure that they feel remorse afterwards.

As we mentioned about their free-spirited and active nature, Horses love to travel and it is likely for them to leave home at a young age. Since they are pleasant and have a good sense of humor, they are very popular among their friends.


Their positivity and athletic-nature keep the Horses in good health. They love being outdoors. If they can’t be outside, they start to feel down.


Horses can make good language teachers, translators, journalists, publicists, pilots, and information technologists.


Horses are forever young at heart. They live their lives spontaneously and open-mindedly. Their imagination inspires the people around them and make those people want to be around them. Horses fall in love rapidly. When they meet someone they want to be with, they can't be patient at all according to their impatient nature. They put their hearts in the relationship. As they grow older, they are more stable and successful in their relationships.

The ideal partners to Horses should know that they need to be flattered and approved by others. So, their partners should be able to meet their need and care about details.

Before moving on to the next section of the influences of elements on this sign, you might want to find your element according to the table below.

02.03.1954 – 01.23.1955 Wood
01.21.1966 – 02.08.1967 Fire
02.07.1978 – 01.27.1979 Earth
01.27.1990 – 02.14.1991 Metal
02.12.2002 – 01.31.2003 Water


Horses get their strength and stability from their element wood. Unlike the other Horses, they make decisions easily. They are hard to predict compared to the other Horses. Wood Horses are disciplined in their lives. As they are capable of adapting easily and working with other people, they usually are successful in their professional and personal lives.


The Fire Horses are sociable and can sometimes be wild. They love action and excitement. When it's about their feelings, their passion rises up due to their Fire element.


Earth Horses are capable of seeing situations from different perspectives. Being able to see the different perspectives helps them especially when they are making a decision. They are easy going. They work hard to achieve their goals. They have a great sense of humor.


Metal Horses are self-sufficient and their freedom and liberation are very important. So, any type of commitment would make them run away. They need adventure and desire to go into the world of unknowns. This characteristic leads them to change jobs and partners quiet often. Metal Horses can make better friends than partners as they wouldn’t feel committed in their friendship.


Water Horses are adaptable. Amongst the elemental horses, they are the most indecisive ones but they make the best out of the situations they are in. Just like water, they go with the flow and can move in many directions which can lead them to change their minds several times a day. Despite their often changing mind, they are very good at cheering people up.

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