Dressing Baby and Toddler Twins

Dressing Baby and Toddler Twins

Parents of multiples everywhere are split on the decision to dress the children the same way all the time. Even if you are against it, chances are you saw something on sale that you had to get two of; maybe one in a larger size, maybe a pajama, whatever. During the years when parents are responsible for the clothing choices, chances are that for one reason or another every multiple parent will wind up dressing the children alike at least a few times. Laundry gets backed up, one child will have a fit unless they get the panda bear pajamas too, or sometimes you just want to get a picture of it for everyone you know.

Many parents of multiples dress them alike constantly. They are proud to have twins and show it as much as possible. Parents or not, there’s no denying that if you see some twins or triplets dressed alike, adorable is all you’ll be thinking. However, some parents of multiples have thought this through over and over again, and they feel that the same clothes rob their multiples of their individuality in some way. People see them as a cute whole entity, not two or three adorable, individual little babies. I could see perhaps above the toddler years and into school this idea may have some merit (especially if identical twins are really identical), but in the early years I just don’t see any effect other than excessive cuteness. People coming up to a twin/triplet stroller constantly and saying look at “them” is going to happen regardless of whether they’re dressed alike or not, so unless you separate them all the time too, there is no sense worrying about it.

If you are a twin/triplet mom to be, and you’ve been thinking about this decision already (as I am told many pregnant mothers of multiples do), don’t sweat it. It is pretty much a personal preference. If your kids wind up being a size apart after a year or so, great-you get to keep that favorite pajama of yours around in the rotation a little longer. If not, so be it, buy them the same size and have a ball. I’m sure that your decision to dress them alike or different will have no bearing on whether or not they choose to do so in the future. If they do, great-chances are they’ll be really close! If not, no big deal. Take pride in their individuality!

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