Dagmar's Brisbane Earrings

Dagmar's Brisbane Earrings

Here is an easy but elegant tatting pattern. This one is a good one to take traveling. It has only four double stitch counts, 3, 4, 6, or 7. I was using a variegated thread, one of the new Lizbeth colors but any color combo will work. Load up two shuttles and start out where the asterisk is on the right of the diagram.

Note: I do not recommend using tatting needles while traveling in cars, buses nor airplanes.

diagram of pattern from the 1908 Brisbane Courier

Begin at the asterisk. Turn the diagram upside down to follow along easier.
For the chain, create starter picot.

starter picot

Starter picot.

**CH 6 - 6 - 6 rw

RA 7 + (join to the starter picot)3 - 4 clr. Do not rw. Leave no bare thread space.

RB 4 + 3 - 3 - 4 clr. rw

CH 6 rw

RC 4 + (3 - )x6, 4 clr. rw Leave no bare thread space

RD 4 + (3 - )x6, 4 clr. rw Leave no bare thread space

RE 4 + (3 - )x6, 4 clr. rw

CH 6

RF 4 + 3 - 3 - 4 clr. Do not rw. Leave no bare thread space.

RG 4 + 3 - 7 cr. rw

CH 6 + (join to chain opposite)6 - 6 + (join to RG)

Repeat from ** for length desired.

diagram of pattern from the 1908 Brisbane Courier

And here is a clever adaptation of a vintage pattern for modern uses!

Dagmar Pezzuto's Brisbance Earring

Dagmar Pezzuto Brisbane Earrings.

Dagmar added beads to the center of the rings. She also placed beads over picots used for joins as well as on picots.

basic bead placements

Helpful tips for beaded tatting:

Close ring only after checking to see that the proper number of beads, picots, and joins have been made. Look first, then close.

Beads to be placed on the chains should also be moved into position behind the middle finger of the working hand before securing ball thread with a couple of wraps around the little finger. Beads slide into position as needed.

Picots which are used for joins are normally made slightly larger than the other picots to allow for the small amount of thread which is used up in the joining process. If you intend to place a bead over such a joining picot, it must be long enough to accommodate the length of the bead as well as allowing for the join.

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