Maltese Earrings by Dagmar Pezzuto

Maltese Earrings by Dagmar Pezzuto
maltese tatted earringby Dagmar Pezzuto

EARRING WITH MALTESE CHAIN By Dagmar Pezzuto -2014 ©


CTM = Continuous thread method

CH = Chain

FR = Floating ring

+ = Join

- = Picot

3 threads = Shuttle 1 = 2 white and 1 rose( shuttle 2 )

ds = double stitch

a small seed bead

a large seed bead

a larger bead.

Round 1 = 2 shuttle ( thread with and rose) 1 ball ( thread with).

Round 2 = 1 shuttle and 1 fabric needle ( threads white ).

Note: Look closely at the photo. Please note on the round 1, the maltese chain goes like this:

sh1 or left hand thread = 3 ds
sh2 or right hand thread = 3 ds
*sh1 or left hand thread = slide up large bead, wrap 3 ds
sh2 or right hand thread = picot, wrap 3 ds, repeat from * for 11 repeats.


11 large seed bead on shuttle 1

Maltese chain = 3ds (shuttle 2 ), slide 1 large seed bead , 3ds (shuttle 2).

Complete around.

Join the ends of the maltese chain, leaving two long threads. Use fabric glue on the knot.


Put 160 seed beads on one shuttle.


Start on the 1ds maltese chain.

Pass the needle through 1st large seed bead.

CH 1 = 1ds small bead 1ds – 1ds small bead 1ds.

Pass the needle through second large seed bead.

Make all around.

CH11 = 1ds small bead 1ds 5 small beads 1ds small bead 1ds.

Pass the needle through 1first large seed bead.

CH 12 = 1ds 4 small beads 1ds FR 8 down beads, 1 up bead (from sh1 thread) 1ds Clr + (- CH1 ).

Make all around

Cut & Tie.

Pass the threads of maltese chain through the big bead and place on 14 large seed beads on it. Put the thread back through the large bead. Add a small knot at the junction of the maltese chain and put a drop of glue fabric to protect knot.

Hide the ends inside the big bead.

Note: The large bead must have a big hole to fit all the thread tails.

diagram for maltese tatted earringby Dagmar Pezzuto

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