Great Foods To Eat During A Twin Pregnancy

Great Foods To Eat During A Twin Pregnancy
There is almost nothing as important as maintaining a nutritious diet when going through pregnancy-let alone a pregnancy with multiples. Many studies show that the weight gained in the early stages of pregnancy can go a long way toward the healthy and timely development of multiples. This is especially important due to the increasing chances of premature birth with each additional child inside the womb.

The general consensus among doctors and authors of pregnancy manuals is that the first four months of the pregnancy are the most crucial for a child’s healthy development, and thus the weight gain. Below, we have listed some easy access super foods which contribute to healthy fetal development. Eating healthy will also help battle the fatigue that sets in from carrying around that belly all day!


All leafy green vegetables are wonderful fiber packed belly fillers, and carry many essential nutrients-especially folic acid-which protects babies from many birth defects. They are also packed with iron and calcium, which keep the blood and bones healthy and strong. Don’t forget that peppers, carrots, celery, and many other veggies can be a great snack as well (even with dips), and you won’t have to ever say, “I’m eating too much of this!”


All berries are considered super foods-the nutrient and benefit potential is practically limitless. Berries are a major source of antioxidants, vitamin C, and many other disease fighting chemicals. From blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, to cranberries, lingonberries, and blackberries-eat them all. Try them over salads and cereals, or with ice cream, smoothies, yogurt, or even on their own in abundance.  


A very significant portion of a pregnant woman’s diet should be protein. Proteins are the primary building blocks of cell development, and what better time to be diligent in assisting this process then during a pregnancy? While a person cannot be expected to snack on a chicken breast or a piece of fish throughout the day, nuts are a wonderful addition to the diet, and carry different nutrients you may not get from the protein on your dinner plate. Almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, walnuts-even sesame seeds; all are high in either vitamin E, iron, and/or magnesium. A recent study by Danish scientists suggests that not only are peanuts eaten during pregnancy not responsible for a peanut allergy, but the consumption of peanuts during pregnancy may actually protect from peanut allergies. Obviously a mother with the allergy should not follow this practice, and again, one should always check with their own doctor based on their specific circumstances, as there are exceptions to every rule. However, it is worth noting that this study was concluded in late 2012 after following 60,000 families to publish the results they found.


Eggs are another protein source that contain numerous vitamins and minerals, and thus optimal for pregnant women. They are also excellent for providing good cholesterol when eaten in moderation. Fat is another essential building block of healthy babies.

Once again, if there are allergies present in the mother, or there are any questions about what an expecting woman should or should not eat, it is highly recommended that they speak to their doctor before following any new procedures. All situations are unique and what may be a great new ritual for one may not work for all.


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