Mes Vacances, Album de 170

Mes Vacances, Album de 170

Nouvelle Collection d'Ouvrages de Main

Mes Vacances, Album de 170 modeles pratiques, d'objets usuels et de fantaisie

Paris, Librairie d'Education A. Hatier 33,Quai des Grands-Augustins, 33

In this album of needlework patterns on pg. 53 there is a single tatting pattern illustrated. There were no directions included. The flowers should be tatted first and then the chain holds it all together in one strip.

single tatting pattern on pg.53 from Mes Vacances needlework album

This vintage pattern is an excellent exercise in joining outward facing rings without twisting the last picot. When the rings face inward and a join is made, it is normally to the left. However, in the last ring of a line of outward facing rings, there are two joins to made. The last ring joins first to the left as normal, the ring is tatted over to the next spot to join and then the join is made to the right, i.e., the join is to the first picot on the first ring. This is in a awkward spot which accounts for the twisted picot in so many joins.

After tatting up to the last join, open the ring extra wide. Next fold the motif backwards so that the last ring is back to back with the first ring. Bring a loop of the ring thread through the picot on the first ring, put shuttle through that loop . Keep the work folded while you remove the slack and finish the join and the ring. After the ring is closed the work may be unfolded, and, if you are lucky, there will be no twist in the picot. However, this is a tricky join and you will need to practice it.

R = ring

CH = chain

clr = close ring

rw = reverse work

dnrw = do not reverse work

- = picot

x = the number of times to repeat a segment

+ = join

5-ring flower

R1 (3 -) x7, 3 clr dnrw

R2 3 + (join to last picot of R1) (3 -) x6, 3 clr dnrw

R3 3 + (join to last picot of R2) (3 -) x6, 3 clr dnrw

R4 3 + (join to last picot of R3) (3 -) x6, 3 clr dnrw

R5 3 + (join to last picot of R3) (3 -) x5, + (join to first picot of R1), 3 clr

Secure ends.

diagram for flower element of pattern on pg.53 from Mes Vacances needlework album


CH 4 - 4 rw

R 4 + 1 - 1 + 4 rw

CH 4 - 4 + (shuttle lock join to picot of flower) 4 - 4 rw

Repeat for length needed.

diagram for flower element of pattern on pg.53 from Mes Vacances needlework album

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