Murder 101 Book Review

Murder 101 Book Review

Title: Murder 101
Author: Faye Kellerman
Published: 2014, Plot Line, Inc.
No. of Pages: 374
Cover Price: $26.99 Hardcover, $9.99 Paperback, $9.25 Kindle

In the 22nd novel of the series, Murder 101, Peter Decker is semi-retired after 30 years with LAPD; he and his wife, Rina Lazarus, have moved from L.A. to be close to their children, and he has taken a job with the Greenbury Police Department in upstate New York. It's rare for anything to happen in this idyllic, small town, and Peter is bored. His partner is a young, cocky Harvard boy with no police experience, who got the job because of his wealthy family. A caretaker in the local graveyard discovers that two Tiffany panels dating back to around the turn of the century have been stolen from a family crypt, and forgeries have been substituted. While investigating the case, the forger is found brutally murdered, as well as her accomplice. This, of course, gets Peter's adrenalin going again, and the investigation takes center stage.

Those readers who have read the previous books in the series, no doubt feel that Peter, Rina, et. al are close friends, and it's nice to read another chapter in their lives. Marge and Oliver have minor roles in this book, even though they have moved on – Marge to another smaller California Police Department, and Oliver, after having been shot, retiring. The book is a fast, easy, and enjoyable read. One of the charming things about this and other books in the series is the opportunity for those of us who are non-Jewish to get a feel for the Jewish religion and culture. Faye Kellerman's characters are true to life, and in this book, there are dozens of facts having to do with the art world, especially the famous and sought-after Tiffany pieces.

The story-line is great, and the novel is difficult to put down. There are twists, turns, and surprises as is typical Faye Kellerman, however, the final outcome is a bit confusing, and readers may be dissatisfied, especially not knowing whether or not those who were involved (both the perpetrators and those who ordered them) in the grisly murders were actually punished. It mentions several times that the murders seemed personal and vengeful, yet the actual murderer had almost nothing to do with the victims and it doesn't seem to add up.

While Murder 101 is definitely not Faye Kellerman's best novel, it is recommended for those who enjoy following the characters. It is a good read, albeit a few flaws, and will leave readers wanting to learn more about Peter and Rina's new lives, especially if a subsequent novel gives a better explanation.

This book was purchased with personal funds and no promotion of the book was solicited by the author or publisher.

This book may be purchased at Amazon:
Murder 101: A Decker/Lazarus Novel, Hardcover
Murder 101: A Decker/Lazarus Novel, Paperback
Murder 101: A Decker/Lazarus Novel, Kindle Edition

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