Draw a Christmas Ornament in Illustrator

Draw a Christmas Ornament in Illustrator
In this tutorial, we will draw a Christmas ornament in IllustratorR and learn a little about working with gradients.

Let's open Illustrator and get started.

  1. Start a new document about 1000 x 1000 pixels.

  2. Use the Ellipse tool to draw a circle.

  3. In the Tools panel, set the Stroke to null.

  4. With the circle still selected, click the Gradient tool.

    You will see the Gradient tool applied to the circle. Let's change the default black and white gradient to one of the other presets.

  5. Choose the Sky gradient preset from the Gradient Menu.

    At this point, the gradient is the default Linear gradient. But, to make the circle look like a Christmas ornament, we need the use the Radial gradient.

  6. Choose the Radial gradient from the Type Menu.

    Now, we can draw the top of the ornament using the Pen tool. To help us draw, let's show the grid.

  7. From the top Menubar, click View - Show Grid.

  8. Select the Pen tool. Set the Stroke to black and the Fill to null.

  9. Just above the circle, draw the side and top edges of the ornament top.

  10. When you draw the bottom edge of the ornament top, draw 4 semicircles.

    Let's add a gold colored gradient to the top.

  11. Click the Swap arrows to swap the black Stroke to a black Fill.

  12. Select the Fill icon in the Tool pane to make it active.

  13. With the ornament top still selected, click on it with the Gradient tool.

    At this point, the top has the same blue gradient as the circle, which contains four Color Stops. Let's reduce the number of color stops to three and change the colors. We will set the two end Color Stops to one gold color and a center Color Stop to a slightly lighter gold color. We will keep the default Linear gradient.

  14. In the Gradient pane, drag the fourth Color Stop down from the Gradient Ramp. It should disappear.

  15. Double-click on the left end Color Stop, to open the Color Picker. Change the color code to aa9050. Do the same for the right end Color Stop.

  16. Set the center Color Stop to d6bb78.

    Now that we have the golden gradient applied, our last task is to draw a half circle for the hanger.

  17. Deselect the ornament top.

  18. With the Pen tool selected, set the Stroke to aa9050 and the Fill to null.

  19. Draw a semi circle above the top.

  20. Select both the ornament top and the hanger. Drag both over the top of the circle.

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