Bugle Bead Snowflake

Bugle Bead Snowflake
Snowflake with Bugle Beads by Dianna Stevens ©1999
(from the files of the Online Tatting Class)

During a discussion of a snowflake with bugle beads pattern by Ninetta Caruso, more than once the question was what size beads to use and how much space do they need and how long should picots be to carry them? Most bugle beads come in three sizes, small, medium and large. It is their size that determines the thread usage.

If a bugle bead is to be placed OVER a picot, the picot must be longer by just enough to make the join. If the bugle bead is placed singly or in multiples on the core thread between rings, then the thread should be snugged up tightly and the next ring made as close to the end of the bugle as possible. If the bugle is used in block tatting, there needs to be a slight ease so the thread can be turned at the end of the rows.

snowflake with bugle beads; pattern by Dianna Stevens from the files of the Online Tatting Class; new samples by Stephanie Wilson

1 shuttle or tatting needle
Load 12 bugle beads on the shuttle (core thread) ending with the 18 seed beads.
These seed beads go on the middle picot of the first ring. Slide the bugles up from the shuttle as needed when you reach the bare thread spot.
Or, for the needle, load the 18 seed beads on the ball thread and begin. The bugle beads slide directly over the needle one by one as you each the bare thread between the rings.
The bugle beads take the place of a chain or bare thread space.

R1 R 3 - 3 large picot with 18 seed beads 3 - 3 clr rw
NOTE: tatters need to leave a little 'wiggle room' on the picot with 18 seed beads, otherwise it becomes difficult to make the joins without overcrowding and looking lumpy in the center.

*Slide up 1 bugle
R2 R 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 clr rw
Slide up bugle bead
R3 R 3 - 3 + (join to large picot with 3 seed beads between join) 3 - 3 clr rw

* repeat around for 6 points
NOTE: Odd numbered rings are the center rings, even numbered rings are the point rings.
Attach to start after sliding up last bugle bead.
Try hiding the ends inside a bugle bead by using a floss thread to pull the tail through the bead
Also, since there is a reverse work between each ring, you may want to work the point rings in reverse half stitch order, or RODS.

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