International Tat Day 2017

International Tat Day 2017

Happy International Tatting Day! April 1, 2017

It has been more than 25 years that the Online Tatting Class and I have been celebrating International Tatting Day with tatters from around the world. In groups large and small, in homes and school rooms, in conference rooms and online, tatters gather together on this day to share their love of tatting. We demonstrate the techniques and teach new tatters by the hundreds. This Saturday over 1638 tatters from just the Online Tatting Class have the opportunity to gather in the cyber classroom and share. Hundreds, perhaps thousands more tatters from many countries around the world will do so also. It is a quiet, friendly revolution spreading the art of tatting everywhere.

This year I was joined in the free online tatting class classroom by over 43 (last count) tatters from at least 18 nations: United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, India, Italy, Singapore, Canada and the United states.

The class began with:

AKTATTER (that's me): Hello all

mary* Hi. Is this April Fools Day joke?

AKTATTER: no joke, special class to honor tatting and the ioli (International Org. of Lacemakers, Inc.) facebook page is talking about us today. See:

AKTATTER: that was really nice of Devon Thien the ioli facebook page editor


AKTATTER: this is the newsletter to which she refers, it is the tatting newsletter.

Gina* Hi AK, had some trouble logging in. Happy International Tatting Day to all

AKTATTER: glad you made it probably just chatzy playing a trick on you, Say do you remember this?

tatting pin

Gina* Isn't that a mini crochet hook?

AKTATTER: Right and it is used for making picots, too

Gina* Oh around the diameter of the base of the hook? Clever ??

AKTATTER: If you read an old pattern telling you to wrap the thread twice around the No. 2 tatting pin, it means just this.

AKTATTER: We learned a lot about old time tatting in Virginia Mescher's article


Bernice* I raided the Chocolate Chip bag.. it just wouldn't be the same without chocolate and tatting on ITD.

AKTATTER: and tea! I just learned this week that tea comes in a chocolate flavor and so does wine!

Gina* Hmm no chocolate in the house, unless you count hot cocoa I had in my coffee earlier ??

Devo* Joining you from the American Museum of Natural History. Husband is viewing the quadrupeds. Just wanted to see what fun people are having at the party.

AKTATTER: Welcome all tatters!

AKTATTER: I always wanted to have a chocolate shuttle, but too messy to tat with and too tasty not to eat. But this is informal meeting, so pass the chocolate!

Bernice* That's funny a chocolate shuttle but a great idea for a goodie bag

And on we went with patterns:

This featured floating rings and later we talked about wrapping, split rings, split chains.

And before we ended the meeting we added a lovely poem to the file written by Muskaan of India.

AKTATTER: "Coz We Are Tatters

The room is all a-clutter

The family a-grumble, a-mutter.

But my heart is still a-flutter,

Stashing more thread is all that matters

'Coz I am a tatter.

"That money's for food!"

Oh, honey, I'm sure we're good.

Need a new shuttle in wood.

Diversifying my collection is all that matters

'Coz I am a tatter.

There's a new book online
Well, I mayn't tat a design

But that book has to be mine

Stocking my library is all that matters

'Coz, peeps, I am very much a tatter!

(Muskaan March 2015) Make lace, not war

Feel free to use this as you wish (with credit)

spread tatting and good cheer today,

and always :-D Chat 'n' Tat 'coz we're the Tatterati !!!

Who knows what challenges in tatting lie ahead? What ever you doing please make time for tatting.

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