Dora Young Knot

Dora Young Knot
I was recently pleased to report the reprinting at long last of the Dora Young book, "All New Knotless Tatting Designs." Included also was the addition of her biography as written by Heidi Nakayama.

cover Dora Young book, All New Knotless Tatting Designs.

You will remember mention of the "Dora Young Knot", the bridging or split chain technique. This is the basic concept.

These directions for creating a split chain cover the following situation: You have been tatting a chain which was joined somewhere to the left and you have continued tatting to the right up to the mid point of the chain. In this position the right side of the chain in progress is up or towards you. The chain would have finished and been anchored somewhere to the right if completed in the traditional manner.

Instead you are going to measure out a length of thread just long enough to complete the chain, attach it to the right and wrap thread over the bare shuttle thread back towards the left to the last ds made on the chain and then climb out of the round with a mock picot and either a split ring or a chain.

Nota Bene: If the wrong side of the work is towards you or the chain is headed to the right and needs to be anchored on the left, these directions must be modified by starting the stitch/wrap on the opposite side as given below.

The most important point of this technique is that it should be done slowly. The thread is wrapped around the anchored shuttle thread in two stages both of which must be done loosely and then the two halves of the stitch slowly tightened one after the other. Do not tighten the first part of the stitch before the second part is done.

And the same principle and technique is used to create the single shuttle split ring. Dora's diagrams.

dora young knot pg 1 from the files of the Online Tatting Class

dora young knot pg 3 from the files of the Online Tatting Class

In 2007 this was on the list of most wanted tatting books:

Most sought for Tatting Books:
1. The Complete Book of Tatting Rebecca Jones
2. The works of Mary Konior (especially "Tatting with Visual Patterns")
3. The works of Judi Banashek (Impeccable Tatting, Adv.Tatting Techniques)
4. The works of Elgiva Nicholls
5. The works of Mlle. Riego
6. The works of Anne Orr
7. The works of Helma Siepman
8. A variety of Japanese Tatting Books various designers during the two last decades
9. The patterns of the Workbasket magazine 60+ years in pub.
10. The wonderful vintage "10-cent" books
Coats & Clark, Lily, The Star Books, The American Thread Company, The Spool Cotton Company etc.
11. Tied
Christmas Angels and other patterns Mona (Monica) Hahn
The works of the online tatting class, 1999-present
The Illustrated Dictionary of Tatting Judith Connors

12. Tied
Dover pubs such as those edited by Rita Weiss, Julia Sanders, Mary Carol Waldrep etc.
The works of Rosemary Peel
Mini-Tats Patty Duff
Tatting Patterns Lyn Morton
Tatting Patterns & Design Blomqvist & Persson
Tatting Collage Lindsay Rodgers
The works of the Modern Priscilla, Priscilla 1,2, and 3
The works of Norma Benporath
The works of Angeline Crichlow
The works of Ruth Scharf (OCCHI, OCCHI 2 : Neue Blaetter)

13. Tied
All New Knotless Tatting Dora Young
The needle tatting books of Barbara Foster
Tatting with Tatsy Carol Winandy

14. Tied
The works of Emmy Liebert
The works of the Ring of Tatters esp ROT's Tatting 2000
Beanile Nina Libin
Tatting To de Haan van Beek
Occhi Hilda Schleip
Forget Knot Alaska Dianna Stevens
Tatted Ornaments Terry McGuffin
Tatting: A New Look at the Old Art of Making Lace Lael Morgan
Tatting, The contemporary art of knotting with a shuttle Rhoda Auld

15. Tied
Tatting for the Beginner Nettie Lou Stafford Shipp
A Tatter's Workbook
The works of Ruth Perry
The works of Pam Palmer
Tatting with Friends G. Seitz, ed.

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