Forgotten Angel - Mary Maynard

Forgotten Angel - Mary Maynard

The Forgotten Angel

It is the week before Christmas and I have just started writing holiday greetings cards. I have a large recycled stationery box where I keep the cards which I buy every year after the holidays and save to the next year. I also save cards sent to me for which I have sentimental attachment. Among those cards there are often cards with tatting on them. I save every little bit that comes in.

As I stirred the cards around looking for just the right one to send this year, I found a lumpy card from a couple of years ago. It turned out to be an envelope with four tatted pieces in it. I wondered why I had let it sit hidden away. Then I saw the note enclosed. It was from Mary Maynard, who passed away that year. Ah..

She had sent me two tatted wreaths, a "celtic" star, and an angel with node stitch chains. She said that the angel was inspired by one she saw online. She had tatted it in one pass using a self-closing mock ring with floating rings. Here is Mary's forgotten angel.

Mary Maynard forgotten angel with spiral chains


r = ring

scmr = self-closing mock ring

fr = floating ring

sr = split ring

ch = chain

node stitch chain = tat 2x first half stitch; tat 2x second half stitch chain rpt for the length desired

p = picot

lp = picot that is 1" long (1/2" long when closed); 2.5cm (1.25cm)

double picot = make long picot, continue to tat 3-5 ds, join to the picot, adjust the legs of the picot so that the inner one is shorter than the outer one

vsp = very small picot for joining purposes only

mp = mock picot

+ = join

clr = close ring

rw = reverse work

dnrw = do not reverse work

* or rpt = repeat

Using two shuttles wound continuous thread method, or two needles (for floating rings) and ball thread, begin with the skirt of the angel.

R 7 lp (a picot that is 1" long (1/2" long when closed); 2.5cm (1.25cm) 4 vsp 3 clr rw
CH node stitch for 7 sets or about 1" (2.5 cm) rw

*R 3 + 4 lp 4 vsp 3 clr rw

CH node stitch for about 7 sets or 1" (2.5 cm) rw

Rpt from * 3x

SR 3 + 4 / 7 clr dnrw and mp to climb into body of the angel

Bring both threads together and begin chain for scmr

SCMR, chain 1 and join to next long picot, repeat joining to each of the remaining long picots. Continue to chain.

CH 6 - 3

FR 2 + (join to last picot) 5 vsp 2 clr dnrw

CH 3

FR 3 + (join to last picot) node stitch for about 11 sets clr dnrw

CH 3

FR 7 lp 3 + (join to long picot to make a double picot) 7 clr dnrw

CH 3

FR node stitch about 11 sets vsp 3 clr dnrw

CH 3

FR 2 + (join to last picot) 5 vsp 2 clr dnrw

CH 3 + (join to last picot) 6 secure ends to start of the scmr and close.

May this angel bring peace to all.

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