The Pig in Chinese Astrology

The Pig in Chinese Astrology
People born in the years 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 and 2007 are considered the Pig people according to Chinese Astrology.

In Chinese culture, the Pig is related to fertility and it’s believed that children born in the year of the Pig would be very lucky and happy for the rest of their lives.


According to the Chinese calendar, the people born under the Pig year would be defined as the “uncarved diamond”. Male or female, doesn’t matter, they have a soft-hearted and neat nature despite the way they might seem sarcastic and stubborn sometimes. They would make honest, dependable and generous friends. However, this soft-heartedness has two sides. They wouldn’t mind spending their last penny on their friends but they expect the same behaviour from their friends. And if they don’t see this, they wouldn’t mind ending their relationships.

Being nice and cheerful are the two characteristics they have that draw attention to themselves. You can easily point them out in a party or a group with these characteristics. Being sociable and compatible makes them the most wanted people amongst their friends.


If Pigs want to be healthy, they should definitely be around other people. Being social and enjoying others’ presence is the key to a healthy life. However, they should pay attention to what and how much they eat and drink in order not to have stomach problems or gain weight.


Pigs have a good career in their professions and they are pretty successful in every job besides diplomacy. Diplomacy is definitely not a suitable profession for them. They would make good doctors, dentists, actors, entertainers, architects and lawyers.


Pigs are emotional and they get emotional quickly. The physical side of love is very important for them. Just like any other person, they have weaknesses too. They are not addicted but very keen on passion, lust and libertinism. Generally, they are faithful and loyal lovers.

The Pig According to the 5 Elements

We know that 5 Elements have influences on us in every aspect of life according to Chinese philosophy. You can use the table below to find your element and continue reading about the characteristics of Pig with the influences of the elements on them.

02.08.1959 – 01.27.1960 Earth
01.27.1971 – 01.15.1972 Metal
02.13.1983 – 02.01.1984 Water
01.31.1995 – 02.18.1996 Wood
02.07.2007 – 01.26.2008 Fire

The Earth Pig

Their tendency towards friendship is very high. They are mostly sucessful in life. Earth Pigs are practical and masters of getting the most out of life.

The Metal Pig

A personality built upon metal. They are the most active, challenging and outgoing ones in the tribe. Despite the cold-metal look on the outside, they have a very soft heart inside.

The Water Pig

Water Pigs’ ability to convince is very developed. But sometimes they might face some troubles over controlling it.

The Wood Pig

The kindest one in the tribe. They have some brilliant(!) ideas that might cause them trouble due to misunderstandings.

The Fire Pig

They are very lustful and passionate, energetic, hardworking and creative. Fire Pigs are determined once they make up their minds.

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