Tea Party and Republican Party as a family

Tea Party and Republican Party as a family
The recent primaries have produced victories for a few “Tea Party” Republicans. I think this is great, and let’s talk about why.

The press has relished talking about the Tea Party movement as a threat to the Republican party. That’s because they hope it is, but I don’t think it is. I see it as a productive movement within the party to emphasize individual accountability and fiscal responsibility, which is something Republicans have stood for historically.

The party is like a big family--there may be squabbles or even arguments about what is right, but everyone still loves each other. There is plenty of room for disagreement within the party. There is a saying, “If everyone has the same opinion, then only one of us is necessary.” The different opinions expressed within the party are always valuable to help shape the platform.

But there is also the question of Republican divisiveness potentially resulting in Democrats winning elections this fall. That could happen if Republicans don’t get out and support the Tea Party Republicans who just won the primaries. They’re still Republican, and that’s what we should focus on and get them elected.

Sometimes it’s best that the incumbent not be re-elected--even when a new candidate knocks off an incumbent Republican in the primary. I’m for the best candidate, and sometimes that means a change is in order. Just because someone wears the Republican nametag doesn’t mean he or she deserves re-election. I want to see proof in action that they are doing a good job.

I think that the recent primaries point out that people are still unhappy with the way things are going, and that can work to the Republicans’ advantage this November. The Republican candidates need to drive home the message of fiscal responsibility. The message that our children and grandchildren will be crushed by the debt is a powerful one. And let’s also mention how our country’s debt is now owned by other countries--whatever happened to “neither a borrower nor a lender be”?

What the Tea Party candidates are emphasizing is a key component of the Republican party platform. Historically, these movements within parties have led to great change in the country, such as women’s suffrage. Let’s embrace this and take what is positive from it and become even stronger. As painful as change can be, it won’t go away by ignoring it.

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