V - the Series Return

V - the Series Return
I am a child of the eighties, so when I discovered they were redoing the series “V”, I was both terrified and thrilled in the same moment. Thrilled that someone was going to have the guts to bring back an awesome classic, but terrified they were going to ruin it.

For those who are unaware, “V” began in 1983 as an eight hour long mini-series, back when the mini-series was as close to a movie you could get without going to the theatre. There were some awesome mini-series back in the day, but it has since moved beyond prime time to paid cable, but that is another article all together.

“V” is a depiction of what happens when an alien race arrives here on good old planet earth. The genius of the original series was its parallels to Nazi Germany back in the thirties and the forties. Complete with bureaucrats, a snooping investigative reporter who knows too much, and the forming of a resistance when the scientific community is systematically ostracized, suppressed, and all but extinguished.

The original series was such a success it spawned mini-series sequel in 84 as well as a Prime Time show in 1987.

In the latest version of this cult classic they have maintained the basic skeleton of the original premise, but have also taken dramatic license in respect to the overall plot. Given current technology the possibilities of where they could and will go with this series are endless, if done correctly.

So far, the casting has been adequate, having secured a few familiar faces, including Elizabeth Mitchell aka Juliet from, “Lost”, and Scott Wolfe, Bailey from “Party of Five”. So I was all set to be wowed and awed, and I was pleasantly surprised. The plot is interesting and they have kept enough ties to make it still remain familiar. I did however set it to DVR and stopped watching. Life got busy and it wasn’t something I couldn’t live without.

Well I may be changing my tune pretty quick. The preview seen of the season ahead definitely got my attention. To the point of where I saw it and asked my husband to rewind so I could see it again. Holy killer, nasty, scary teeth Batman! As my son would say, “that’s awesome”. I am ready once again to be wowed. They have set the bar pretty high, having successfully integrated C.G.I. technology so flawlessly that they have you reminding yourself there are not lizards living among us. Well, not that we know of anyway.

Unfortunately, the WOW preview that got my attention may very well be a last ditch effort on the part of ABC to grow viewership. According to tvseriesfinale.com, ABC announced that they cut their season episode request for ‘V” from thirteen to ten. There was no explanation given, but cutting episodes is never a good sign. V is pairing up with similar genre and just as interesting, “An Ordinary Family”. This coupling could pull viewers in as a double whammy. With the exit of “24” and “Lost” the only notable mid-season premiere that would have any negative impact is Fox’s American Idol.

True Science Fiction has long been an outcast from the Prime Time line-up. We have forgotten the days of Star Trek, Battle Star Galactica, and Buck Rogers, having shifted them to their own channel. I sincerely hope “V” sticks around for a while. I would love to have my kids look back in fond memory, as I do, at this open genre of imagination, possibilities and adventure.

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