Fix Broken Things

Fix Broken Things
Feng Shui is about rearranging your surroundings to set the intention to attract good things into your life, like more money, a better love life, or greater family harmony. And while you are waiting for these big intentions to come flowing through your front door, it’s important that you pay attention to the small things that contribute to a feeling of abundance and prosperity. When you ignore things that are broken you set an intention of neglect. However when you fix broken things, you set an intention to attract abundance.

I call this my “Rule of 3Rs.” That is, if anything in your house is broken or not working, I recommend you Replace, Repair, or Remove it as soon as possible.

Here is an example of how one couple put the Rule of 3Rs into practice with a positive result.

My clients Angie and Jason were having serious problems in their relationship and arguing every day over even the smallest things. When Angie gave me directions to her historic brownstone, she cautioned me to come around to the back door because the crumbling front porch steps were too dangerous. When I arrived, I found a board across the steps to prevent visitors from approaching the front door. The Feng Shui message was of blockage and danger. I saw the crumbling steps as a metaphor for the couple’s crumbling marriage. I urged them to have the steps repaired quickly because the blocked entrance was symbolically blocking their lives. A few weeks later Angie e-mailed me that they finished the repairs to the steps. And more important, she and Jason had stopped quarreling.

Are you surrounded by things that are broken, ripped, torn, stained, dirty, in disrepair, or not working? These negative conditions represent a disregard for your home and, consequently, for yourself. Conditions like cracks, holes, chipped paint, peeling wallpaper, or dead plants represent negative forces in your life since they block the flow of positive energy around you. Leaks, especially, can result in a drain on your finances, since in Feng Shui water represents abundance.

When you fix everything that is broken or not working in your home, you can fix what is broken in your life.

I recommend you go through every room in your house to identify things that are leaking, clogged, burned out, broken, or stuck. Repair what you can immediately, and schedule dates to hire help to fix everything else.

Here are five quick fixes you can make where you will see an immediate, positive impact on your well-being:

1. If you have a broken mirror in your home, replace it, since it keeps you from seeing things clearly.
2. If a light bulb is burned out, change it, since it keeps you in the dark about your future.
3. If your kitchen faucet is leaking, fix it or call the plumber, since you are losing wealth and abundance.
4. If you have a dirty or faded front door, clean or repaint it, since a dirty door repels wealth but a clean door attracts prosperity.
5. If your windows are dirty, clean them, since clean windows represent a clear view of the opportunities coming your way.

Fix broken things in your home and you will remove whatever is blocking positive energy from entering your life.

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