Professional Makeup Tips

Professional Makeup Tips
Most women have at least one facial feature they would like to change. But, the features you were born with are what make you unique and individual.

Unfortunately, many attempt to change or hide their unique features with makeup. And, more often than not these attempts leave you with a clown-like appearance. Your features are what make you beautiful and makeup should be used to enhance, not change what you have.

Some women go overboard with all aspects of makeup application and rather than showing off their beauty they end up with a look that’s harsh and overbearing. While certain occasions or situations support a heavier application, in most cases less is more. The two top mistakes most women make is wearing foundation incorrectly and failing to add blush.

So many women try to change their skin color with foundation that’s too dark or applied to heavily. Foundation should be used to give your skin a smooth and balanced appearance. The color should be as close to your natural coloring as possible.

The finishing touch should be blush. It seems women today put an enormous amount of effort in their makeup and walk away without using some type of blush that would give them a healthy glow.

With a little practice you can apply makeup in very little time and walk out with a professional-looking job.

So, where do you start?

If your eyes are tired looking, refresh them with a small amount of concealer. Look for a neutral color and stay away from the bright white or creams that give you a raccoon look. Using your finger, gently smooth it under your eyes to the outer corners.

Foundation will make or break your look. When you chose a foundation, test a spot along your jawline or face. Most tend to incorrectly use the back of their hand without realizing that the coloring between your hands and face are totally different.

Rather than using your fingers, invest in a foundation brush. You will get a smoother cleaner look with a brush and it is easier to blend the foundation into your skin and you will be less likely to leave the ever-so-famous line between jaw and neck. Be sure to blend the foundation back into your ear and hair line. And, don’t forget to clean your brush weekly.

Your eyes are the focal point of your face. To keep your makeup fresh looking throughout the day start with a primer. Using your finger be sure to cover the entire eye area from top to bottom. This will keep your makeup in place and will actually enhance the color. Do both eyes together, rather than completing one eye at a time.

Apply color slowly and add as needed. It’s much easier to add color than remove too much color. Cover your entire eye, from lash to brow, with a neutral base, use a darker color on the eyelid and a third darker color is applied in the crease area. For everyday wear use the third color from the inner corner to the outer corner. For a more subtle look, start the third color in the middle and extend slightly past the outer corner. Be sure to blend all the colors well.

Eyeliner will be your defining factor. A black or dark brown works with any skin coloring, but if your eyes are a hazel or blue you have the option of wearing lighter color liners. Begin on the inner corner of the lash line and move toward the outer corner. If you are applying liner to your bottom lid, keep the liner directly under your lash line.

The finishing touch includes a coat of mascara. Tilt your eyes downward and roll the mascara brush from the lash base to the lash ends. In most cases one coast is sufficient, but if you want to apply a second coat, apply it immediately. Waiting for the first coast to dry will leave you with clumps of mascara and an uneven appearance.

Now, don’t forget the blush. Applying a light blush will give your face an overall healthy appearance and glow. Use a light hand and stroke to avoid streaking. Apply blush along your check bone beginning from the front of your cheek moving back. Avoid going too far back into the ear area. Think of the areas of your face that would get sun kissed and apply a quick touch here as well.

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