Household Hints for Vinegar, Salt and Baking Soda

Household Hints for Vinegar, Salt and Baking Soda
Whether it is spring or winter cleaning time. Think about 'going green' and using natural products to make things fresh. This "use of vinegar, salt and baking soda" list continues to change and grow.

Vinegar, salt and baking soda are excellent for everything from cooking to personal body cleansing. My mom used these three items for so many things around the house. I remember that she added vinegar to water and cleaned windows with crumpled newspaper. I was never very good at it, but as an adult have found that this method works very well with cheap paper towels.

While none of these household hints are foolproof they have stood the test of time:

Uses for Salt

  • Keep salt near the stove in case of a small grease fire.
  • Before washing a very greasy pan pour salt in pan and wipe with a paper towel.
  • Clean light coffee stains from aluminum coffee pots and porcelain coffee cups by rubbing a little salt on stain.
  • Pour salt on fabric with a new grease spot on the salt and it will soak up some of the grease. Rinse, then scrub new salt gently into fabric and rinse again before laundering.
  • Soak new pantyhose in a salt bath, they are less likely to run.
  • When little ones are ill, they often throw up. Sprinkle salt and let it sit for 5 minutes. It will help to absorb the mess and the odor.
  • Salt can be used as an emergency tooth paste and gargle solution. Do not swallow--follow up with cold water rinse. Do not do this if you suffer from high blood pressure.
  • Pour 1/2 to 1 cup salt followed by scalding hot water down your kitchen drains every week to keep drains fresh and unclogged.
  • When making potato salad with hard cooked eggs, boil the eggs in salted water, they will be easier to peel.
  • Clean your copper molds and pans with paste of vinegar and salt.

Uses for Vinegar

  • One tablespoon of vinegar added to your pastry dough makes it flakier.
  • When making cabbage add a little vinegar to the water. This will cut down on the heavy cabbage odor.
  • Vinegar was kept on the kitchen table along with the salt and black pepper and used the way lemon juice is used. My dad sprinkled a little on fried fish and collard greens. He also swore by a little apple cider vinegar added to cold water to drink when he was working in his garden in back of his barber shop.
  • Add a little vinegar to your rinse water to remove water spots make your water glasses sparkle.
  • Adding vinegar to your final rinse water when washing your hair, will help to remove any remaining oils.
  • Clean your thermos coffee cup or bottle by using a ratio of 3/4 warm water to 1/4 vinegar, cover and shake to clean. If necessary, add dried beans or rice and shake again to coax dried matter from thermos. Allow thermos to air dry.

Uses for Baking Soda

  • Add a cup baking soda to your bath to calm you down and sooth and smooth your nerves and skin.
  • If you run out of toothpaste, moisten your tooth brush and put baking powder on it to clean your teeth and freshen your breath.
  • Baking soda works as a quick substitute deodorant.
  • Baking soda will quickly put out a small fire.
  • When you have cleaned your kitchen, for a final wipe down, use a cloth placed in warm water and several tablespoons of baking powder to make everything smell fresher.
  • Keep an open box of baking powder in the fridge. Sprinkle in the bottom of the trash can before you can place plastic bag in the can.
  • Put baking soda in a salt shaker and keep near your shoes. Before putting the shoes away, freshen them up by sprinkling baking soda in them. This is especially effective for sneakers and running shoes.

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