Using Unconventional Materials as Yarn

Using Unconventional Materials as Yarn
Most of us have at one time or another have saved all those plastic grocery bags, used the conventional method with countless amounts of hours to turn it into a usable yarn or “plarn” for a recycled project such as a rug, bag, or stadium seat. Before I go any further I want to touch base just a little about where I live, in a small community of less than 50,000 people in the whole county and with that in mind you are never quite sure what you will run across in the smaller stores.

We visited a local shop, full of educational gifts, rocks, crystals, jewelry all geared a little toward mining our main source of employment, and in the back I see neon colors. Made my way towards the pretty colors and lo and behold plastic surveyor tape in a variety of colors. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see it on a roll in a perfect size to just use as it is. This is where my creativity gets to working. Of course I am in the back of this shop, eyes glazed over because yes they had and still carry a total of eight colors, with two of those striped and approximately 300 feet or 100 yards per role. I am not against in any way shape or form, recycling but to find this already to go in colors like neon pink, green, dark green, white, red, orange and it will save me hours of time cutting is just a busy crocheters dream.

Perfect for making a winding vine with attached various flowers to show off outside all year long or making a free form yarn bomb that will surely last 4 plus years (ask me no questions as to how I know how long it will last wink wink). It is very durable and easy to crochet with; I use a size N hook and if possible place the rolls onto a dowel or a broom handle so that it will roll off easily with no twist. The items will also be quite a bit larger, plan carefully for this when using it. As you work, continually check your project to make sure it isn’t rippling or waving, if it does happen just re-do with a less amount of stitches. Keep your stitches a little loose, which will make it much easier to rip out if necessary. Cleaning is easily accomplished by using a soft brush or a quick squirt with a garden hose. The finished product is very pliable making it great to wrap around post or bend to fit certain areas. Always keep your eyes open for fun material to try your crocheting with.

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