$15 and under Board Games for the Holidays

$15 and under Board Games for the Holidays
This holiday you don't need to spend a lot to give a fun board game. Here are some board games that are selling for less than $15.


Elefun is an active game where players use a butterfly net to catch as many butterflies as they can.

Uno Moo - This pre-school game features animal figures that players must round up to win the game. When they match a color, then they recapture one of the lost barn animals.

Hedbanz - This guessing game falls right between $10 and $15. There is an adult and a kids' version. Players wear a headband that displays an item. Then they must ask questions to figure out the answer.


Monopoly is a classic board game that has remained popular for decades. Buy and sell real estate. Do it better than the other players to win the game.

The Game of Life is for older children and adults. The Game of Life takes you through all the joys and hurdles of life. Get married, buy a house, or pay ridiculous high taxes. It's all there in one board game.

Operation takes a steady hand as you use tweezers to extract various plastic body parts from

Hungry Hungry Hippos can be a fun game for younger kids since it doesn't require reading. Just use your hippo to gobble the most marbles to win the game.

Connect 4 is a twist on checkers. Players take turn placing pieces into the vertical board - looking to connect four either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Pictureka could be compared to I spy. The first player to spot the item on a card gets the card. Collect enough cards to win the game.

Gator Golf is a game based on golf. Players take turns trying to sink the ball into the gator's mouth.

Bop It is a modern day take on Simon says. The game piece will call out commands like 'pull the blue knob' to which the player must act fast to accomplish. Either play solo or invite others to join in on the fun.

Battleship - Place your battleships onto your side of the game board and then hope that you can sink your opponent's ship before all of yours are gone. Players take turns calling out coordinates. If you hit a ship then you get to go again. The last player standing(or in this case sailing) wins the game.

Trouble is a classic board game that is an all out race to the finish. Pop the bubble and then move on of your four pegs closer to the finish line.

Jenga - Players take turns stacking the wooden pieces onto the tower. Keep going until the tower has fallen.

Scrabble Apple is a light version of Scrabble that you play with using only the tiles. This game regularly sells for under $10.


Memory tests player's memory skills as they take turns flipping over cards to find matches.

Chutes and Ladders is another classic board game good for children. Players can advance on the board if they land on a ladder but will lose ground if they land on a chute.

Yahtzee will have players flinging several dice to make the best scoring hand.

Cootie - Mix and match pieces to create unique creations. No reading required.

Barrel of Monkeys - Selling right at $5, this game comes in many colors. No reading required. Either play it as a game or just play with the monkeys.

Candyland is a classic children board game that requires no reading and can help kids learn their colors.

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