Feng Shui Makeover For Your Website

Feng Shui Makeover For Your Website
A Feng Shui makeover for your website will drive additional traffic to your site and result in buyers for your products and services. Everyone who visits your website should feel welcome and comfortable in it, just as they would if you invited them into your living room. The colors and shapes you choose for your Feng Shui website makeover, and the flow your create for your pages, will send a positive message about your profession, company, or service.
Here are a few suggestions for working the basic Feng Shui principles into your website design.

Create An Attractive Entrance. Your home page is equivalent to your front door, so make it an attractive entrance where potential customers can gain access to your information. Try to keep your home page uncluttered, since a cluttered page will make visitors feel overwhelmed. The top of your home page, called the “power wall” in Feng Shui, is the strongest part of the page, and the ideal place for your company name.

Choose an Appropriate Logo. When designing your logo try to select smooth and curved shapes instead of sharp and angular ones. If your existing logo is very angular, make sure that the angles do not point directly at your company name or at pictures of your products.

Balance Yin and Yang. Your website style should reflect your business concept. If you want a website that matches a lively and active business, such as a fitness center, choose bright and cheerful yang colors like yellow. If you need a website for a quiet and thoughtful business, like an accounting firm, choose dark and passive yin colors like brown or black.

Emphasize the Five Elements. The Five Elements is the term for describing colors in Feng Shui, and the Elements you choose for your site will generate different emotions from your visitors. For example, blue (Water Element) and white (Metal Element) show movement and focus, while green (Wood Element) and brown (Earth Element) show stability and grounding. Keep the background color of your website neutral, to reflect energy and allow your visitors to feel they can move freely around your site.

Avoid Too Much Activity. Resist the urge to add too many moving images, since they make the chi of your site flow too fast, deflecting your readers from your message. Instead, have a place of stillness, such as a logo area, that appears on every page.

Encourage Flow. Some web sites have too many straight lines and angles that keep the chi from flowing smoothly around the pages. Try to break up straight lines with curvy design elements.

Enhance Navigation. To keep the chi moving through your site, make it easy and intuitive for visitors to navigate. When potential clients and customers reach a "dead end" and have to use the “back” button to get out, the chi gets stuck. However, if visitors can move easily through your pages, the chi flows smoothly.

In summary, a Feng Shui makeover for your website includes balancing the yin and yang energies, choosing the right combination of the Five Elements, and creating a flowing design that lets the chi move gently around your site, with the ultimate goal of creating buyers for your products and services.

Note: As an illustration of how these principles work, take a look at the Feng-Shui friendly layout of my website FengShuiForRealLife.com, where all the design elements were placed with a Feng Shui purpose. For example, my logo (all of the Five Elements) is in the Wealth/Power area, the pointed mountains (Fire Element) in shadow at the top of the site are in the Fame/Reputation area, and the waves (Water Element) are at the bottom in the Career area. My e-zine "subscribe" box is located in the bottom left corner (Knowledge/Wisdom area), which is the ideal place to link visitors to my newsletter Archives.

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