Eye Color Made Easy

Eye Color Made Easy
Ever thought about changing your eye color? Today, you can change your brown eyes to blue or create a stunning shade of hazel or effervescent emerald with contact lenses.

Most people typically wear contacts to correct their vision, but there are contacts on the market that you can safely wear to give your eyes practically any color you can think of. These are known as Plano lenses.

Colored or tinted contacts have been in use for decades in the film and stage industry to intensify or highlight eye color. And, although colored lenses have been available as a corrective option for years, they were typically overly expensive for most wearers. As they became less costly, they began to gain in popularity by the occasional wearer as an accessory or fashion statement. As a matter of fact, today, a number of the popular brands now offer lenses that have no prescription qualities at all.

If you have never worn contacts you will need to have your eyes measured and fitted for lenses by your eye doctor. Each eye is different and contacts, in order to be comfortable and fit correctly, must be ordered to fit.

It doesn’t matter if your lenses are for vision correction or not, you are required, by law, to obtain a prescription prior to wearing. You will also have an opportunity to try on a pair of lenses and learn proper cleaning and care procedures during your visit.

If you want to enhance or deepen your current eye color, choose lenses that are barely tinted or enhancement lenses. If you’re looking for just a little extra sparkle to your lighter-colored eyes a light tint works best. If you’re interested in completely changing your eye color you will need to select a lens that has a stronger shade or an opaque tint. But, it’s entirely possible to go from brown to a green or blue color. You can even select contacts that will give you a totally different look such as lizard or cat eyes.

So, keep in mind that for a look that is natural and you have lighter colored eyes choose enhancement tints and if your eyes are naturally a darker color choose an opaque tint. Be sure to purchase your lenses from a reputable dealer such as your optometrist or valid internet site. If ordering from an optometrist they may be able to fill your prescription the same day, but if your prescription is somewhat uncommon you may have to wait five to seven days to get your lenses.

Although you may be purchasing lenses as an accessory be sure to keep any follow up visits. Your eyes are precious and these are the only eyes you will ever have. Your lenses need to be fitted and cared for properly
And never let friends or family members wear them. That’s a certain step toward a potentially dangerous infection.

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