Old Hickory

Old Hickory
Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, 1767. He was born in Waxhaw, South Carolina. He was the youngest of three sons. Andrew grew up in poverty so he didn’t receive a formal education but he did attend law school. At the age of thirteen, he fought in the Battle of Hanging Rock during the Revolutionary War. He was captured by the British. He refused many orders given to him by the British soldiers, so they struck him which started his hatred for the British. After the war, he had many jobs including being a public prosecutor in what is now known as Tennessee. He was also a constable and deputy sheriff. In December 1796, he represented Tennessee in the Federal House of Representatives until March 1797. He was elected a United States Senator in 1797, but then he resigned the following year. He then became a judge for the Supreme Court of Tennessee in 1798 to 1804.

All the way until his nomination for the presidency, his biographer could find nothing except for his military services. He was a Major General in the War of 1812, where he became a national hero when he defeated the British at New Orleans. (That was the highlight of his military career.) He left the military service in December 1817. He was to pursue the Seminole Forces. Jackson was ordered to repel the attackers but instead (without orders to) he invaded Spanish Florida. In 1813, Jackson commanded in the battle against the Creek Indians in Georgia and Alabama. He defeated them at Talladega on Nov. 9, 1813 and at Topeka on March 29, 1814. In 1821, Jackson was the military governor of the Territory of Florida. In July 1822, Tennessee nominated him for president and in 1823 he was elected to the Senate. He then resigned in 1825.

In the presidential campaign in 1824, the candidates were Jackson, John Quincy Adams, William Crawford, and Henry Clay. Jackson lost to John Adams even though Jackson had more votes in the Electoral College. The House did not agree, but in 1828 there was a great significance in this election. The People liked him because he was vigorous, straightforward, open, and had great integrity. He made President in 1828 with 178 votes in the Electoral College. In 1832 Jackson made it back into the Oval Office with an astonishing 219 votes while Henry Clay only had 49. After his Presidency, he was plagued by ill health and financial problems, yet he still remained active in Democratic politics.

In my opinion, Jackson didn’t have integrity. The main reasons I believe he got into office not only once but twice was because of his military service and his political experience. Jackson’s being in the army for so long shows his trust and respect for our country. He has helped this country many ways. He’s enforced the law in our streets and showed justice to the guilty. He commanded our soldiers on the battlefield; he also was a soldier himself. But Jackson was also very evil too. He led women, children, and men across Florida and if they didn’t keep up or they got sick they were killed. He treated the Indians with low respect – none at all!! Many people then didn’t like the Indians, so many were proud of him for that. He led many battles and marches but this was the worst battle he ever led, this is why I don’t think he has integrity because if you get in his way he might turn. Like in 1795, he fought Colonel Waitsill Avery, an opposing counsel. They argued angry words in the courtroom. In 1806, in another fight, after a long argument, he killed Charles Dickinson.

After a long, well-lived and accomplished life, Jackson died June 8, 1845. He died of old age in Nashville, Tennessee. Jackson was buried in Nashville. Andrew Jackson was Presbyterian. He was the seventh president. From 1829-1837 he was in the Democratic Party. His military service was with the Continental and the US Army. Jackson was the first president to be grown up in poverty. He was the first president to have been a prisoner of war. Since he had two terms in office he had two different vice presidents: John C. Calhoun and Martin Van Buren.

Most of his military experience was him fighting the British and the Indians. He was a good leader but he put his men through a lot. In fact, on the way back to Tennessee in 1812, his soldiers named him Old Hickory. But Jackson was a good leader.

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