Creative Correction - Book Review

Creative Correction - Book Review
Do you wonder whatever happened to Lisa Whelchel? She was the one who played Blair on “The Facts of Life”. She got married and had children after her stint on the show. Dealing with raising and disciplining children was what led to the book that I found interesting to read.

The book is called “Creative Correction” and it has been out for a while. If you would like to see the book before buying, you could try out your public library for starters. The copyright is 2000, but the advice given is still good now.

Lisa married a man of the cloth and you will find quotations and stories from the Bible peppered throughout the book. It is a very family oriented book and one filled with suggestions on how to punish your children in a gentle, but direct way.

Without giving away the whole book, I’d like to share a few tidbits with you on how Lisa advocates dealing with certain situations. In a nutshell it explains that as parents, you do have the right and the responsibility to punish your children when they do wrong. You also need to teach them what is right and wrong. Here are some of the examples from the book.

One idea she presents is one I have heard other people say that they have done. They take the child’s bedroom door off of the hinges of they feel they cannot trust their children by themselves in their room. That way, you are not constantly running back and forth or up and down stairs checking on them. When children are of a certain age, the lack of privacy can really have an impact.

On the back of the book jacket, she has a solution for lying. This solution is one used by a woman that I used to work with. Put a little bit of cider vinegar or Tabasco sauce on the offending child’s tongue. My co-worker used it also when the child used naughty language.

If your child leaves things out and doesn’t put them away, hide them where they will not find them quickly. Make the child look for the item that they left lying around. Hopefully they will remember the hunt and will think twice before not putting away their toys.

There are many more categories covered in the book. There is a section on fun times with the children as well as dealing with them on car trips and car etiquette. Are you a parent that has problems with your child neglecting to feed the family pet? There is a possible solution for you to try. Dealing with correcting your child’s behavior in public and other places is also covered.

If you deal with children often, or on a daily basis, this is one book I recommend for your library.

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