Eyeglass Display Stand - Product Review

Eyeglass Display Stand - Product Review
My husband is one of those messy people who needs someone like me to look after him (at least, that’s what I like to think).

He got some very expensive prescription glasses for way too much money and then lost them almost immediately. So I bought him a pack of 5 reading glasses from Costco, and then another pack.

Now, scattered around the house are nearly 10 pairs of reading glasses and a frazzled husband who is always asking if I know where any of his eyeglasses are located. It seems to me that I find his glasses in unusual places and am always tidying them away to different unusual places where he can still not find them. A solution was needed soon.

I happened to find on Amazon a display stand for 6 pairs of glasses. They do have stands for different numbers of glasses, but I liked the one for 6 pairs of glasses. I thought I could place it on his night stand, tidy all the glasses I find to this one spot and then we would both know where to find his glasses, when needed.

The display stand is $30 with free shipping. I wondered if it was a little expensive for what I wanted it for, but after deliberating for a while, I bought it.

What arrived was a pile of plastic pieces and 12 screws. Being a little screwdriver challenged I gave it to my teenage son to assemble. He said he’d assemble it providing I found a screwdriver the right size. Of course I got the hardest part of the job! Anyway, it was easy to assemble for anyone who can use a screwdriver, which is the rest of the world except me.

I placed the glasses holder on hubby’s night stand and found all the glasses I could (which was 4) and left it there for his reaction. It was a success, he loved it. I predict there will always be at least one pair of glasses stored there and I have somewhere definite to place his glasses should I find them anywhere else.

I did wonder if there was a cheaper solution to our problem, I thought I could have done the same thing with a basic little tray. But then I thought a small tray would gain clutter. What I actually have is something that will hold glasses, and nothing else. I can see that it will be used exactly for the purpose for which I bought it and not be added to the general clutter.

2 weeks later there are 5 pairs of glasses on the stand and no glasses in the bathroom, kitchen, dining room or anywhere else where they shouldn’t be. I was a little concerned that $30 was too much to spend on a little clutter problem, but now I think it’s worth it.

Disclaimer – I paid for the glasses stand myself.

Eyeglass Display Clear Acrylic 4 Tier Showcase Holder

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