Quote of the day?

Quote of the day?
Life is half spent before we know what it is.
George Herbert

You can always guarantee that the quote of the day will be motivational as it aims to inspire you and get you thinking about if - for the day. I guess that is the point of them, to get you thinking and think of its different meanings. Maybe to also think of the reason why - why has it been selected as the quote of the day, what is it's real significance?

To talk about life in a sentence is a big deal - because life itself is a big deal. It's hard to explain in a quote about what life is because there are so many definitions, so many arguments, so many questions about it, that there is bound to be controversy. I think this is what interested me about this quote, because it doesn't attempt to explain that but still manages to get across the idea that life is a phenomenon that is so big, we don't even know what it is whilst we are living it.

The idea that it is 'half spent' I think comes from 'maturing with age'; when we are younger we are told what to do and how to do it. We are told where to go, who to see, what time to go to bed and basically what to do with our lives. We go through school and college, university and courses before we really know what we want out of our life and how we want to live it. We go through trial jobs, jobs just to get money, jobs that are easy, before we find out what we want as a career and it isn't until the questions stop needing answers 'when will I get married?' 'what will I do in life?' 'Will I have children?' that we really start to live life as we know it.

It is like before we figure this out, we are setting ourselves up, getting ready to live but waiting until we know how we will live it.

When faced with this quotation, I think people might challenge themselves with questions asking if they themselves know what their life is about and how they have lived it - have they figured it out yet or is it still to come? What are they doing right now and is it what they want to be doing? It proves how quotes which are named 'quotes of the day' will provoke these questions and cause you to look deeper and realize something you might not have known before.

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