Poison Arrow Chi in Feng Shui

Poison Arrow Chi in Feng Shui
Poison arrow chi in Feng Shui is the negative energy that occurs when two walls or sharp edges come together and point out into a room, so that the chi acts like an arrow aimed at a target. When you sit in a room with a poison arrow you become the target of its harsh energy. The chi around pointed edges can make the space uncomfortable or unhealthy, which in turn can have a negative effect on the quality of your sleep, health, relationships, job, or finances.

Inside, examples of poison arrows include the corner of a night table pointed at you in bed, sharp edges of a bookcase aimed at you where you work, edges of an exposed ceiling beam pointed at you while you sleep, knife-like edges of cabinets aimed at your neck in your kitchen, and soffits, angular beams, and coffered or multilevel ceilings pointed at you, especially in your bedroom.

Outside, poison arrows include the corner of another home or building pointed at your house, edges of tall buildings blocking your view, massive objects like jagged rocks near your home, tree planted directly in front of your door, straight path or driveway leading up to your house, cell or radio towers aimed at or looming over your home, neighbor’s driveway pointing directly at your driveway, and T-junction, where two streets intersect and one street ends in front of your house.

Some poison arrows are more harmful than others. In general you need to be more concerned about fixing poison arrows coming at your house from outside than poison arrows inside your home. It is especially important to correct a T-junction, which in Feng Shui is called “tiger eyes.” The headlights of cars coming down the street are like the penetrating eyes of a tiger piercing your home, making the energy harsh and uncomfortable.

Inside, the most troublesome poison arrows are those aimed at you in places where you spend long periods of time, for example sleeping in your bed or working at a desk in your home or office, rather than cooking in the kitchen where you are constantly in motion.

The cure for exterior poison arrows is to send the negative energy back to its source. One simple way to do this is to place a convex, octagon-shaped mirror on the exterior of your home aimed at the offending object. If you can’t hang a mirror above your door, or don’t want to, instead place a reflective garden ornament like a shiny gazing globe or metal sculpture between you and the offending structure to deflect the negative chi. Another option is to place an object that functions as a barrier between your house and the offending object, such as planting trees or tall shrubs, constructing a stone wall, or hanging a wind chime to help deflect the negative chi away.

If there is anything sharp aimed at your front door, such as the corner of a house, or anything large looming over your home, like a cell tower, or something blocking your house, like a telephone pole, it could symbolically limit opportunities and increase financial difficulties. Plant shrubs or trees between you and the offending object to protect your home from the impact of the poison arrow.

Inside corrections are a lot easier, because most poison arrows can be corrected by repositioning the furniture in front of the sharp edges. When you can’t move the furniture, you can protect yourself from poison arrows by placing any kind of buffer between you and the sharp edge. This could be a potted or hanging plant, a piece of decorative fabric hung on the corner to soften it, or corner protectors attached to the shape edge to symbolically round it.

A good way to deal with the poison arrows from multilevel ceilings is to hang fabric over the edge of the angular part of the ceiling, or drape sheer fabric over the bed like a canopy to simulate a false ceiling. If the edges of your night table point at you in bed, drape a cloth over the point. If a wall with a sharp point is aimed at your bed, place a plant or piece of furniture in front of it.

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