Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday
Football isn’t all fun and games, especially for the Miami Sharks and their coach, Tony D’Amato. Not only does Tony have to deal with the daily ins and outs of managing the team, he also has to contend with the overbearing, controlling owner, Christina, the hot shot new star player, Willie Beamen, and Cap, the aging but reliable quarterback. While you’re watching the drama unfold, watch for these movie mistakes!

· At the team party, Cap and his wife, Cindy, are walking down the stairs together. The scene cuts to Tony and then back to Cap and Cindy who are now at the bottom of the stairs. In a back view of the two, to Cindy’s left, Dr. Harvey Mandrake leans in to kiss her. It cuts to a side view and he leans in to kiss her again!

· Dr. Harvey Mandrake gets fired. Ollie Powers has his glasses on at the beginning of the scene. But in a quick side view, when Harvey yells “They will not live in shame like you,” Ollie’s glasses are off. In the next side view of Ollie, he takes his glasses off.

· Tony visits Margaret Pagniacci at home. In a close-up of Margaret during their conversation, her left arm is setting on the chair. The scene cuts to a side view of the room and Margaret brings her arm up and rests her hand next to her face. It cuts to a close-up of her when she talks about Tony being like Artie and her arm is down. It stays down until it cuts to a back view of her. The curtains are being drawn and her head is resting on her hand again.

· During the last game, the flag is thrown and a close-up shows the two referees talking. Player 33, Julian Washington, is behind them and his helmet is off. It cuts back to the referees making the “no touchdown” call and Washington’s helmet is on. A few moments later, he has his helmet off again.

· Also during the last game, Shark is injured and has to be taken off the field on a stretcher. When the medics first start to escort him off the field, Shark’s right arm is above the restraints. The scene cuts to a close-up of Shark and now his right arm is under the restraints.

· Before the last play of the game, one of Beamen’s shoulder pads alternates from being inside and outside his jersey.

“Any Given Sunday” stars Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx, Dennis Quaid, Lauren Holly, James Woods, Matthew Modine, Ann-Margret, LL Cool J, Aaron Eckhart and Jim Brown. It runs 150 minutes and is rated R for strong language and some nudity/sexuality.

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