Is It Over?

Is It Over?
Since nobody likes to be blind-sided by emotional curveballs, it is important for you to learn how to recognize the signs that your dating relationship might be coming to an end. Keep in mind that while the signs discussed here are those that commonly lead to a break up, every situation is different and therefore every relationship should be analyzed according to the specific circumstances that surround it. Even if you have noticed some of these signs within your relationship, the worst thing you can do is jump to conclusions or blow things out of proportion. Instead, use this information as a tool with which to open a dialogue with your partner and make an attempt to communicate sincerely with him or her about your concerns before making any radical decisions.

Signs To Watch Out For :

  • Lack of communication - the easiest way to ruin a relationship is to neglect the importance of open, honest and frequent communication. If the conversation between you and your partner has become dull, forced or non-existent, it may be an indication that bigger problems are looming on the horizon.

  • Petty fights - while the break up to make up cycle might be thrilling for some, frequent fighting over trivial things will only build resentments and deepen the emotional divide between you and your partner. If you notice that you and your partner are constantly bickering about silly things or that minor things are being routinely blown out of proportion, it is possible that the end is near.

  • Continuous criticism - when the quirky idiosyncrasies that first drew you to your partner start to irritate you or vice versa, then you might be more inclined to criticize each other’s every move. If there are more criticisms than compliments being exchanged between you and your partner, the relationship is probably in danger of failing.

  • Minimal affection/intimacy - relationship issues are not always easy to hide between the sheets. A dramatic change in sexual activity or in the level of affection and intimacy is a common sign that there may be something wrong within the relationship. It is not a good sign if you or your partner has lost interest in sex or if the sexual relationship is no longer satisfying.

  • Loss of the 50/50 balance - healthy relationships are all about balance. If you notice that you are doing all of the giving within the relationship or perhaps even all of the getting, then something is terribly wrong. Both you and your partner need to benefit from the relationship so when the scales spend way too much time tipped to one side or the other, it might be time to think about moving on.

  • Seeking greener pastures - when the grass starts to look greener in other pastures, it is usually a sign that the relationship is no longer living up to your expectations. Things are probably not going very well if you are constantly comparing your partner to other people or if your partner frequently does that to you.

  • Lack of self-esteem - when you are in a healthy and happy relationship, you usually feel good about yourself. On the other hand, when a relationship has turned sour, it is pretty common for the people in it to begin feeling really lousy about themselves.

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